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12/31/2015 12:38:40 PM


Bungie, I'm in need of some help. I dutifully praise the great and mighty RAM, for he is my lord when I use my Warlock. And so the RAM, beautiful and powerful, has blessed and cursed me for my prayers. He showers me with what I wanted but also refuses to give me what I need because for I, a devoted follower, ask for to much too soon and I understand for the RAM doesn't want me to be come greedy. However I made a great mistake today. I prayed to the my hunter. I foolishly prayed to the RAM as a hunter and I am forever ashamed I had done such a terrible thing. I have shamed myself, my hunter, my warlock, The RAM, and finally I have shamed my other sacred patron...The Celestial Night Hawk. My clan-mates so foolishly pray to one of the other member of our clan who goes by the name of warchild, and all I can do was shake my head for the clan worships a false deity. At least that is what I thought until I realized my error in only worshiping the RAM. In the end My Warlock and Hunter each had a great and powerful being to worship and praise, to ask for blessings and the loot they wanted, but that leads to my current problem. MY TITAN HAS NO-ONE TO WORSHIP!!! My Hunter praises the merciful Celestial Night Hawk, My Warlock prays to the great RAM, and both curse that false creation called the STAG. However my Titan has nothing, and I mean nothing, to worship. I mean someone said the eternal warrior helmet looked like handsome Squidward and my Titan could worship it, but really? That person was obviously a heretic and a agent of those who pray to the warchild, like I'm going to listen to one of them. But seriously my Titan can't give thanks or ask for anything because He has no patron. He can't praise anyone. I post this to ask for a patron my Titan can wear on his head and pray to. A patron that looks like an animal and gives blessings when asked for. please.

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