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10/5/2015 5:24:18 AM

Ammunition drops rebalancing

There was a change in 2.0 that feels like a lite version of Juggler. Ammunition barely seems to drop for even primary weapons most of the time. The weapons most affected are high RoF pulse rifles and scout rifles. High RoF Auto Rifles normally have a higher than normal Magazine Count and Reserve Ammo count. This doesn't carry over to Scout/Pulse Rifles. For example a Shadow NX will have the same total ammo than Vision of Confluence or Iron Banner Scout Rifle. This means you will run out of ammo that much sooner, and you are doing less overall DPS with the same amount of ammo. Basically, the reduction in ammo drops in combat is made worse because certain weapons were having ammo problems already. High RoF Scout Rifles and Pulse Rifles need more ammunition in their reserve, but not their magazine. Thank you for listening, take it easy.

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