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9/25/2015 2:42:18 AM

Idea(s) for a new modifier.

Yes, Friendly Fire could be fun and challenging.


No, too much hassle.


Never made a poll before. My apologies in advance if I fumbled it. Friendly Fire. I love leaning on the trigger and firing volley's of missiles and burning supers with reckless abandon (the best kind of abandon) as much as the next guy, which is good because that stuff happens ALL THE TIME in Destiny and its super great. But I think there's something to the idea of a modifier that makes your teammates the most dangerous things in the Nightfall. Measured advances, careful manipulation of sight-lines, no Fist of Panic. An exercise in teamwork and communication at a level other than super-chaining and enemy threat prioritizing. With no modifiers on the Heroic Strike playlists, the only place for it would be Nightfall which has no matchmaking; matchmaking of course would be the biggest hold-back for a modifier like this. But maybe this is a terrible idea. What do you all think? What modifier would you like to see?

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