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9/16/2015 2:31:46 PM

Read and reply to our complaints!!! Moneysucking

Dear bungie, Why oh why oh why... are you in need of massive amount of money? Why cant you just give us the dlc for free like gta v or small amount of money like call of duty? This is only a bloody DLC, gta v is so popular because it is a good game and also gives you free DLC. But for cod they charge you a small amount of money for a dlc map pack or whatever. GTA V, in its updates they have new cars new clothes new missions new guns new heists pretty much like the taken king update, but the dlc is free... I dont know why the dlc pack is bloody like $60 and over for a bloody DLC!! plus theres different editions you can get it in and the lowest is like 70 and the highest is like -blam!-ing over 100!! You only get like a few shit in the "digital collectors edition" some people may like all that book and replica of a strange coin, I mean it looks good to be honest... BUT I just want to play the game but it is too expensive for a DLC!! my main question is.. why is it so expensive for a dlc? Please answer and dont be lazy or dont want to answer cause what the players said are true Look foward to hear from you bungie.

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