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9/11/2015 4:20:17 AM

Titan Stealth Nerf?

So I, like many other guardians, have been playing (and enjoying mind you) some Crucible. However, I've com to realize that things are killing me during Fist of Havoc that previously haven't. I.e golden gun, rockets, and shotguns. Bungie, seriously, If you are going to shaft us titans even more, you might as well just remove us from the game all together. The titan player pool is stagnating and we have nothing to draw in new players. Making us worse isn't fixing the problem. Salty Titan Incoming... [spoiler]And to all of the players who say titans are over powered, shut up. They aren't. Titans are the hardest to preform with in PvP, and don't fair much better in PvE. We have 3 good exotics and a lot of shitty ones. It is not a good time to be a titan and I'm not sure if TTK will change it.[/spoiler] Bungie please, stop the stealth nerfs

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