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Losing ammo on weapon swap logic.

It IS stupid because...Bungie.


I love it.


Crash is a patatoe


You can carry enough weapons to supply a small army in your 'backpack', but you lose bullets each time you swap weapons ?!??! I know game logic is awkward sometimes, but Bungie managed to get this shit to another level of stupidness. TELL ME BUNGIE !!! If I have 2 shotguns in my backpack, and 10 shotgun cells, why do I lose 50% of my bullets when swapping my shotguns between each other ?!! Your faulty logic from day one of Destiny was that we should think about the weapons we bring in a fight. But now it's not the Destiny from 1 year ago. We have all weapons. If I feel like I don't want to use my Gally anymore and I have 6 rockets, IT IS NOT reasonable to get only 3 rockets when I equip the other launcher !!! I can use an ammo pack to get my bullets back. So?!? Its only an inconvenience!!! Get 5 min cooldown...I understand. But losing bullets at weapon swap is beyond stupid in ANY video game out there. This shitty mechanic has to go. The synth shared cooldown has to go. Quality of life improvement. PS: Potato*

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