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ursprünglich gepostet in: Titan Stealth Nerf?
9/12/2015 4:56:14 AM
Shameless link: I feel the same way. It's just a problem of the game developer being a little too biased towards the other classes. Space Magic reigns supreme, regardless of what the gamers want. xEnragedCinema has commented on stream that most of his Titans friends have bad kd's in Crucible. And it's not just Strikers that have been ruined. A Defender Titan with Armor of Light can be one shot by Shoulder Charge and a single melee during Bladestriker. I remember it being two, and it gave me time with the Feedback Fences to dish out [i]just[/i] enough damage to beat a Bladedancer in PvP [i]sometimes[/i]. It looks like Bungie developers' buttholes didn't take that too kindly, and they stealth nerfed Ward of Dawn even further. I hope we can get some balancing patches again soon for the subclasses. I imagine the new ones are going to outperform the old ones for awhile too, to hype TTK even more. After the initial launch we'll probably see mentions of another upcoming balances and I imagine Sunbreaker will be drastically reformed to suck ass and Stormcaller will be made incredibly broke and Nightstalker will probably remain a stronger PvP and potentially even PvE choice for defensive strategies in TTK. They're trying very hard to discourage Defenders in PvP and I almost felt the same way for Strikers with PvE, though they're not bad off for PvE in all honesty. Just not as defensive and clutchworthy.

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