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Bearbeitet von DannySwimshorts: 8/22/2015 3:07:11 AM

Self Rez Is Great, but Song of Flame Transforms Your Team w/PROOF: Voidsummoner Warlocks!!! UNLEASHED!!!

The [b]Voidsummoner[/b]: Is a [u]nickname[/u] I gave to a [b]Voidwalker[/b] capable of unleashing grenades FASTER than most Sunsingers in Radiance! Scatterhorn EVERYWHERE haha (Scatter Grenade + Nothing Manacles). But how?! It's all thanks to u/MalevolentFish for showing me how underrated Song of Flame is on Reddit. The Video above breaks down charge times, setups, and the potential of these pairings, including Striker Titans that can BLIND enemies with an armada of grenades, over and over and over. A Voidwalker can throw a grenade ever [b]1.75 seconds[/b] under the effects of Energy Drain when paired with a Praxic Fire / Song of Flame Sunsinger. It's [b]incredibly fun[/b], I highly recommend you try it :) Hope you love it. Remember, [u]don't knock it till you try it![/u] Yes, I know [b]Fireborn[/b] is amazing, but think of how long you hold onto that super, never using it throughout activities. Try it out in [u]normal strikes[/u] if you don't wanna give it up during [u]PoE / Raids / Nightfalls[/u]. I originally called this Voidsinging, but stuck with Voidsummoner. Thank You for your time :) hope you enjoyed! EDIT: Very, very happy with the feedback :') This video took about 12 hours to edit. I always do my best for every upload. No Engram Openings / trailer uploads. Originality is what I aim for. Thank you for your time, have a great time Sun Singing! In Preparation for [b]Taken King[/b], here's a [u]Crash Course[/u] breakdown of [u]weapon mechanics[/u] so you can figure out what [u]New Perks to aim for[/u] in the Expansion: [b]Accuracy / Stability / Aim Assist / Target Acquisition / Hitscan / Recoil (Directional and Muzzle Climb)[/b]: [url][/url]

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