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7/30/2015 10:44:29 PM

Unlocking the secrets of the Vault of Glass

Bungie has revealed that we haven't yet unlocked the true secrets of the legendary Vault of Glass. I can't wait another second knowing that there is something in there more valuable than the Vex Mythoclast. I'm organizing an expedition for PS4 Guardians who are very knowledgeable about Destiny's lore (Vex, grimoire cards, history of weapons, etc.) and VOG speculation videos. People who are knowledgeable about these two topics will give us the best chance at being able to reveal this artifact of great value to the world, as well as letting everyone know how to get their hands on it. Some other things that would help the expedition would be: owning pocket Infinity or the vex Mythoclast, knowing some of the secret jumping sports in the jumping puzzle, knowing any currently revealed secret areas, and having any of your own theories If your someone who is dying to unlock one of Destiny's greatest mysteries I invite you to partake on this great expedition. Just drop a comment including your PSN ID and if you have the knowledge and items that would make our adventure a little more interesting/easier. My PSN is Christophisis if you would prefer to message me. Who knows, we might get lucky.

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