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Help Save Brandy! Plz Bump This (SERIOUS POST)

Hello guys thanks for reading this I'm advance, Our dog Brandy is in intensive care since Thursday due to her not being able to breathe right. The doctors says it's either pneumonia or lung cancer, and if it is the latest (hope not) the operation might prove to be really expensive. As of today she is doing better but the bills keep racking up and any effort to help save her would be absolutely amazing! Brandy is the best dog ever, she doesn't get along with other dogs too well but with humans she's an angel. PLZ click on the link if you wish to donate to her cause (100% legit) or comment below and give your wishes for her to get better. GOD bless you :,)!!!!! PS I'LL be streaming for brandy on twitch doing trials this weekend @ I stream every weekend but it will be special this week 🙏🙏

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