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Bearbeitet von VIIIXIII: 5/11/2015 12:06:18 AM

Are you satisfied with the size of your vault?

So... vault space. Are we really expected to do raids for raid gear, find exotics, and now be upgrading old legendaries and rerolling the new ones all in our tiny vaults? I mean, I know I'm not the only one that filled the vault immediately after the last patch and that was just by making some room on my characters so they could pick up the odd engram. I still have sh*t in my postmaster I don't want to grab because I'd immediately be out of room. Are they trying to make app transfers so easy that we should only keep one of each gun? We've got a new dlc coming with a host of new gear. Where are we going to put it? Should I just junk guns that have some much speculation and potential around them like the Khostov, or the stranger's rifle; only to be told in an upcoming patch that those guns will be made into leg/exo? Just like all the old 300 guns we can now ascend through their terrible new plan for endgame. I've seen all the comments from people wishing they didn't trash their shadow price or fatebringer or whatever. This doesn't make any goddamn sense. Now I know, they blame last gen for it. They say they can't make it bigger. But then they turn around and say keep all your old gear? WTF People are also saying this could be an issue for PoE, having to constantly switch guns and damage types for modifiers. That's why my characters run full already! To be prepared for the sh*t! But if I were to only have one of each gun, I couldn't do that. Or every time I wanted to play the game I'd have to spend 20 minutes swapping loadouts from one character to another. How are YOU handling all the gear and planning for the future? I sure as hell don't know what to do at this point. -EDIT- To those wanting a poll, you can't edit in a poll. Polls are always biased anyways, and I for one prefer actual conversation over faceless votes.

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