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Bearbeitet von S0ulBearer: 5/13/2015 5:07:20 AM

How to nerf Thorn fairly

Now I know this is a hot button topic right now, some say it's OP, some say it isn't, whatever. I have come up with an idea I hope you all might be able to think about, that nobody ever mentions. The thorn should have slower bullet travel velocity. It's the only gun in the game that shoots giant thorn bullets, everything else some sort of colored plasma and or presumably bullets. This would create drag against the gigantic and less aerodynamic thorn shot. If we reduce the speed of the bullet it would cause people to need to lead their shot on it and adjust for moving opponents instead of just instant hits while spamming the trigger. This is instead of nerfing the poison to the point of uselessness or some other nonsense like nerfing it's range or RoF or something. Edit: I didn't even mean this thread to be serious, I was just making a dumb troll thread, and somehow it sparked some actual decent conversation. Hm.

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