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Bearbeitet von sntothemax: 4/15/2015 2:08:55 AM

Best thing about the new update *official purple ball thread*

this: The purple ball has been reborn in the tower as an interactive sphere with a parallaxed energy core that grows with object velocity and tints based off time of day. A ball? not anymore, its now a damned INTERACTIVE SPHERE! and not just your run of the mill interactive sphere, one with a BLAM-ING PARALLAXED ENERGY CORE! i had to look parallax up because i thought it was a made up word... its NOT! A parallax is the difference in the angular position of two stationary points relative to each other from different viewing positions. see that?! i took it right from wikipedia, which proves this is TOTALLY BADASS!! oh you know what else? the tint of the ball changes with time of day! throw all of your clocks away because interactive spheres with parallaxed energy cores are changing the game son. Forget raids, forget nightfalls, forget trials of osiris, because this new addition will take all of your destiny time. and if you try to kick it off the world so no one can bask in its [i]awesomeness[/i], be warned, someone will stop you and delete all your googlehorns. now instead of seeing how fast its moving by watching it move, you can save a [b]WHOLE .3 seconds[/b] by checking in on our old homie, parallaxed core! yeah VELOCITY makes it CHANGE SIZE! that's some science fiction, M&M night shamamamalan shit right there. now, where can you find this glorious, end all, be all? IN EVERY SINGLE TOWER. EVERY ONE. enjoy it while you can, this upgrade will have everyone screaming, TOO OP and PLZ NERF. But it can't be nerfed, why? THE CODING WON'T ALLOW IT! i dont know anything about coding, but you can bet your sweet bip, YOU CAN'T UNCODE PARALLAXAGRAMS. FACT. So next time you're in the tower, kick, punch, and headbutt this thing all you want, cause you know what, [b]you flippin earned it[/b] Edit: stole image from another thread so you don't have to leave this one. Edit part deux: We aren't trending! Not at all! It's like when the toilet is so filled with turds you can't find the quarter you accidentally swallowed.

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