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2/20/2015 12:23:51 AM

More gamemodes maybe?

It's been 5 months since the release of Destiny and almost 2 months since I stopped playing other than to help a friend here and there. I wanted to play this game the way I played the Halo series, for years with most of my free time spent in a mash of multiplayer madness. I can't with Destiny because of it's lack of gamemodes, co-operative vehicles and true competitive fun. When I join multiplayer there is no Ranked playlist to test a players' skill against another, nothing to work towards or be proud of. There is little in the way of variety in multiplayer; broken down it's just two gamemodes; 'Slayer' and 'King of the hill', what about reincarnating 'Oddball', 'VIP' or even just 'Capture the flag'? Why are we forced to play with so few gametypes that we can't even choose at will! Salvage only appears as a choice for little time before we are forced to wait a week to play it again. You have pushed Destiny as Co-operative game where you work as a team to get things done yet you only provide single pilot vehicles. One of my favourite features of any multiplayer game that allows it is the use of Vehicles and being able to use them with my friends/team, Why can't we share vehicles to work better as a team? Why do we have to play solo the moment we sit in the pilot seat, the only seat. I feel Destiny needs all of this to make it a better game, I want to play Destiny but I can't when there is so little to do other than re-run the campaign a million times over. I have never been one to replay a games campaign more than once, certainly not hundreds of times, which is why I rely on the multiplayer to keep me going. Is any of this coming to Destiny? Will we get more gamemodes or vehicles? Will we have to pay for them? I really want to know more about what is to come, I want to have faith in Destiny because right now I have none.

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