This Week At Bungie – 2/7/2019

Feb 7, 2019 - A_dmg04

This week at Bungie, we prepare for Crimson Days.

Love is almost in the air. Crimson Days returns February 12 through February 19. Lord Shaxx will be officiating the chaos again this year, watching as you and a partner take on the competition. Bounties will also offer a few objectives outside the Crucible, so be prepared for a delicious bouquet of activities from which to choose.

Rewards from last year’s event will be returning, with the added fire of The Vow, a new solar bow for players to earn during this event. All players of Destiny 2 are invited to join in on the festivities.

We’ll also be hosting a Bungie Bounty to celebrate the event. Come watch as Cozmo and I dive in to the Crimson Days playlist on PlayStation 4.

Crimson Days Bungie Bounty
Date: Thursday, February 14
Time: 11 AM–1 PM PST

Find us, beat us, and claim a Sign of Mutual Combat Emblem. Until then, we have some news to cover. Let’s dive in.

Skating at the Speed of Light

When Destiny 2 launched on PC, some Titans among you were quick to realize that they could break the sound barrier through tricky input methods. The Sandbox team has been hard at work, looking at ways to address this issue without impacting general movement for the Titan class. We are currently planning for changes to be implemented in Destiny 2 Update 2.2.0, coming in March, to address Titan Skating. Here are the details:

Sandbox: Later this month, we are fixing an issue with the Titan Lift ability that currently allows players, with the use of unconventional inputs (keybinding to mouse scrollwheel, macros, etc.), to reach extremely excessive movement speeds. It will still be possible to maximize your Lift speed by skillfully timing your Lift activation inputs to boost your overall momentum. In other words, “Titan Skating” is still possible, just less excessive.

Some of you may be asking why this is being addressed. Players utilizing these unconventional methods are effectively able to exceed the bounds of expected Guardian movement speed so drastically that it creates an unfair advantage when it comes to the fundamentals of combat gameplay like aiming, positioning, and even networking to some degree. We understand that many players value and enjoy this behavior as a core part of the overall skillset and identity of the Titan class. However, we’d rather continue to build on the Titan identity and fantasy of being a fast-moving, aggressive, jetpack warrior by continuing to build new, fully supported abilities. Our goal is to create abilities that are fun, effective, and skillful without requiring special hardware or macros to access them.

Players who do not use macros should not feel any difference once this change is deployed. This strictly addresses Lift acceleration issues on PC; players who don’t utilize unconventional input methods should feel no difference.

We encourage you to keep an eye out for any inconsistencies and to let us know if this change does not meet your expectations for how Lift should work.

Reading Material

For those looking to dive deeper into the story and lore of the Destiny universe, we are very happy to announce Destiny Comic Collection Vol. One and Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. Two are coming soon.

Available this Summer, the Destiny Comic Collection Vol. One is an essential collection of comic stories for Destiny fans. This 144-page volume includes Bungie’s comic collection plus never before seen stories, behind the scenes galleries, and exclusive content from featured artists!

Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. Two is coming this Fall as the next edition of the popular Grimoire series.

These titles will be available at the Bungie Store and other booksellers. Stay tuned for more details. Be sure to visit the Bungie Store product pages linked above and click “Email When Available” to be among the first to know when the books are open for pre-order. 

Live Investigations

Week in and week out, the Player Support team is at the ready to lend a hand when things go sideways. This week, we deployed a fix to address issues impacting weapon frames, and we have some information to get you ready for the incoming Crimson Days event.

This is their report.

Destiny 2 Hotfix
Yesterday, to resolve issues blocking players from completing certain weapon frames from Ada-1, we deployed Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch notes can be found here.

The Iron Price
In the pursuit of an even playing field for all players, we are updating Iron Banner bounties so that they will expire following the launch of each new season in Destiny 2.

For example, completed Iron Banner bounties retained from Season of the Forge will be removed entirely from player inventories once Season of the Drifter begins. To avoid losing any potential rewards, we recommend that players redeem powerful rewards from all sources before Season of the Forge ends.

For more information on when Season of the Drifter begins, please stay tuned to our News page.

Un-breaking the Mold
Since mid-January, Destiny Player Support has monitored an issue where the Black Armory Key Mold is available from Ada-1 only on a player's first character. This pursuit item is required to earn Izanagi’s Burden, and some players have become blocked from unlocking this weapon on their character of choice.

With the upcoming release of Destiny 2 Update 2.2.0, tentatively scheduled for early March, we expect this issue to be resolved. As always, Destiny Player Support will monitor for player reports in the #Help forum once Update 2.2.0 goes live.

Return of Crimson Days
Next Tuesday, February 12, Crimson Days will return in Destiny 2. While all players are invited to experience this event, some Triumphs and rewards may not be available on characters who do not meet the following requirements:

      • Complete the Red War campaign
      • Achieve Level 20

Players should also be aware that some Crimson Days Triumphs or bounties require players to have access to specific activities, such as the Nightfall.

Lastly, we would like to make players aware of the following known issues before Crimson Days goes live:

      • Welcome to Crimson Days: Players will be unable to accept Lord Shaxx's "Fire of the Crimson Days" emblem to complete the "Welcome to Crimson Days" milestone if they have this emblem in their inventory from Crimson Days 2018. Players can resolve this issue by stowing the emblem that is in their inventory, and accepting the new one from Lord Shaxx.
      • Claiming Triumphs: Unearned and unclaimed events Triumphs for Crimson Days will be removed when the seasonal event ends. Players should claim all Triumphs before Crimson Days ends on February 19, 2019.
      • Item Collections: Items returning from Crimson Days 2018 can be found in "Season 2" of their respective collections, even if they are received during Crimson Days 2019. New items will be in the "Season 5" tab where applicable.

For the full Crimson Days support copy, players should visit our Crimson Days Guide.

Warming Up

Monday, the majority of Seattle residents were stuck in their homes, hiding from the weather. What better way to pass the time than 90 minutes of Destiny Lore? Seriously, this week’s winner packs a punch. If you’ve ever wanted to know the story behind Last Word, check this out.

Movie of the Week: The Last Word and Thorn. The Complete Story.

Runner Up: Wait, what? I’m sorry. You did WHAT with six swords? Against a giant robot floating above an abyss? I can’t even give this a witty title. It’s pure insanity. Why would you do this?!

Be sure to upload your videos to the Community Creations page here on Each week we comb through submissions. Land a spot in the Movie of the Week section, and you’ll earn the Lens of Fate emblem to show off in-game.

Community Artist Alley 

To close out this week, I’d like to take a moment to highlight some wonderful community art that’s come across my screen throughout the week. Cheers to all of the artists who submitted these to the Community Creations page.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week for Crimson Days! Until then, you’ll find me in the Crucible practicing for the Bounty next Thursday…


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