This Week At Bungie – 08/17/2017

Aug 17, 2017 - DeeJ

This week at Bungie, we’re packing our bags. 

We’re headed to gamescom. After that, we’ll be back for PAX. Frequent flier miles will rack up like XP as we make new connections.

We love meeting Guardians in real life. We’re about to cross paths with players from all over the world. Between our final pre-launch public engagements, we’ll conduct the final test of Destiny 2 on the Internet with the PC Beta. Soon after, we’ll join each and every one of you in the wild for the main event – the launch of Destiny 2.

Let’s itemize our final pre-launch itinerary.

Destination: gamescom

In Köln, our mission will be to introduce some new European friends to what we think is one of the finest communities in games (we might be biased). Not all of them have followed the Destiny 2 conversation since reveal, so we’ll be bringing them up to speed. This doesn’t mean that you won’t learn something new. For the hardcore Guardian who has heard everything we’ve said about Destiny 2, we’ll have some new details for you to chase like a glowing Engram.

We’ll let you know where you can find us once we’ve touched down in Germany, adjusted to local time, and unpacked our cargo.

Stay tuned for details and releases!

Destination: Your Personal Computer

In the Destiny 2 PC Beta, our mission will be to make final preparations for launch. We still need able-equipped Guardians on the PC to help! 

You can still pre-order to be part of the first wave of Guardians to kick ‘em where it hurts in Early Access. We’ll let you know when pre-load is live.

Destination: PAX

Back home in Seattle, our mission will be to celebrate the end of a long journey with our community. That’s not a mission as much a party. Our venue for this epic gathering of Guardians will be the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. We’ll be there on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

If you have a badge for PAX West, join us to play Destiny 2, meet developers from Bungie, browse exclusive wares in the Bungie Store, and learn more about how we make games in a series of panel discussions. We’ll share the full schedule next week. These panels won’t be reveals, but rather a chance to share some of our culture of creativity with players in waiting.

Bring an itchy trigger finger, some keepsakes to have signed, an appetite for exotic loot, and a burning curiosity for who else will be joining you starside only a few days after the show is over.

Destination Companion

Ever since the original launch of Destiny, millions of Guardians have discovered a toolset that lets them interact with the entire world of the game and the community that plays it. We call it the Destiny Companion. It’s an experience that spans your desktop and your smart phone. Like your Ghost, it’s there to help you navigate your path to legendary status.

On August 23, along with the game it supports, the Companion is about to evolve.

New to Destiny 2:
EXPLORE - All about what's happening in the world of Destiny:
  • Stay up to date with the latest news and updates
  • Discover new events and activities
  • See the latest amazing creations from our community
  • Find community and help with forums and groups
CLANS - Stay connected with your teammates wherever you are:
  • Create or join a Clan and invite others to join you
  • Manage your Clan roster and see who is playing
  • Create a shared identity with a unique banner
  • Track your Clan progression and shared rewards
  • Communicate with your teammates through Clan text chat

Returning from D1:
GEAR - Manage all your weapons, armor, and inventory:
  • Inspect all your favorite weapons and armor
  • View item stats, perks, and inventory configuration
  • Manage and equip items on your characters
RECRUIT - Search for other players looking for Fireteams for any activity:
  • Search an available list of requests and choose a team to join
  • Create a new Fireteam, approve/deny requests, and communicate with your teammates
YOUR PROFILE - Manage your experience with account information and settings:
  • Configure your identity and what others can see/know about you
  • Choose your notification and communication preferences
  • Communicate and interact with friends and new Guardians
  • Redeem Bungie codes and view your redemption history
SUPPORT – Talk to your Mentors and Player Support Specialists:
  • Report issues that keep you out of the game
  • Read articles with answers to common questions
  • Talk to other Guardians who are there to help you 

To see the new experience, you’ll need only visit after we close our maintenance window. To hold these upgrades in the palm of your hand, you’ll need to update your app. This will overwrite the Destiny 1 version of the companion and the Destiny 2 services will not be online until after the launch of the game on September 6. Destiny 1’s API will still remain active. So if you are looking for D1 gear management or stat tracking, the community will continue to have you covered with the apps they’ve created.

When you play Destiny 2, this companion will be your guide as you build a brand new legend.

Locked and Pre-loaded

As launch day quickly approaches, Destiny Player Support will be making sure you have all of the knowledge you need to get into the game on Day 1. Their support doesn’t stop there. They will be with you throughout the upcoming journey. 

This is their report. 

Destiny 2 Digital Pre-load: Coming Soon
Players who have digitally pre-ordered Destiny 2 will be able to pre-load the game starting next week. Xbox One pre-loading will begin early next week, while PlayStation 4 pre-loading will become available on August 31, 2017. Announcements of pre-load availability will be made through @BungieHelp on Twitter.
Destiny 2 will also receive a Day 1 Update, which will become available closer to the release of Destiny 2. For information concerning the installation of Destiny 2 to a console, please see the Installing and Updating Destiny Guide

Destiny Companion App Update
Mentioned above, the Destiny Companion Application will be receiving an update on August 23, 2017. Once available players may download here:
If any issues are experienced when using the updated Companion App, please post a report to the #Help forum detailing the experience, with the additional tag of #iOS or #Android.
Group Founders: Final week to prepare your Clan for Destiny 2
Group Founders have until August 23, 2017 to prepare Private Groups for the upcoming and Destiny Companion update. They must choose to either Upgrade to a Destiny 2 Clan, or remain a Group on

Option A: Upgrade to a Destiny 2 Clan
This option is recommended for smaller communities (3 - 100) where the majority of Group members are also Clan members. If this is the currently selected option on August 23, 2017, the following will go into effect:
  • The associated Group will be deleted
  • The forum history and chat history of the Group will be transferred to the Destiny 2 Clan

Option B: Remain a Group
This option is recommended for large communities (100+) where most of the Group members are not also Clan members. If this is the currently selected option on August 23, 2017, the following will go into effect:
  • The Clan is deleted
  • The Clan Roster is removed
  • The Clan name is reserved to the user that was set as the Clan Founder
  • The forum and chat history will remain a part of the Group and will not be transferred with the Clan name reservation

Default Settings
To help prevent issues that may be caused by absent Group Founders, every Group with an associated Clan will default to one of the two available options based on Clan membership.
  • Groups with 50% or more of their members in the associated Clan will default to the "Upgrade to a Destiny 2 Clan" option which removes the Group and prepares the Clan for the new Destiny 2 Clan features
  • Groups with less than 50% of the members in the associated Clan will default to the "Remain a Group" option which preserves the Group, removes the Clan, and reserves the Clan name to the Clan Founder
For additional information, please see this Help Article: Preparing Clans for Destiny 2.

Lights Camera Action

Your community manager is someone I look up to. Quite literally, have you seen him? He is extremely tall. Anyways, he is still searching through ton of movies each week and looking to pick the prettiest ones. 

Cozmo: It’s movie night. Find someone to snuggle up with and watch some of these handpicked flicks.

If you are new to Movie of the Week, there is only one rule: Don’t talk about Movie of the Week. Wait, that’s not right. You can talk about it all you want. Here is how it actually works. Submit your movie to the Creations page. If it gets chosen, you win this Emblem. Pretty simple right?

Let’s get on it with it.  

Movie of the Week: Tanks Beats Everything

Honorable Mention: An Ending

Honorable Mention: Right back at you

For us, there is a short time left to prepare for your arrival in Destiny 2. For you, it’s still a long time to wait. For me, well, I can’t wait to get back to Köln. It’s one of my favorite destinations of the year. Sure, I’m always jetlagged and sleep deprived when I’m there, but I still love going. It’s not always the journey. Sometimes it really is the destination. Let’s just hope I get a polite armrest buddy.

We’ll meet at the Farm soon, together, and maybe we’ll even meet somewhere along the way toward launch.

Time to grab my boarding pass and passport and take the next step.

DeeJ, out.

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