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Installing and Updating Destiny Guide

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The Installing and Updating Destiny Guided Support is designed to help players through the recommended steps of installing, reinstalling, or updating Destiny. It also contains information and tips that may be helpful in troubleshooting issues that players may encounter when trying to install, reinstall, or update Destiny. 

Installing Destiny

Players must install Destiny before they will be able to login and play:

  • Most consoles will automatically download and install Destiny when a physical disc is inserted. 
  • Players that purchased digital copies of Destiny, or purchased digital expansions or add-ons, may need to manually begin the download and installation process after redeeming their purchased. 
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Reinstalling Destiny

Some players may need to reinstall Destiny to troubleshoot an issue they are encountering in the game:

  • Occasionally the data or files in a Destiny installation can become corrupted, partially overwritten, or otherwise no longer work as intended.  
  • If this happens it can cause the console and Destiny to have issues maintaining connectivity, loading some game files, or other gameplay issues. 
  • Reinstalling the game removes the data and files from the console and allows a fresh set to be downloaded and stored.  
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Updating Destiny

Destiny is often updated to address gameplay issues or to update in-game features: 

  • All Destiny players are required to download and apply available updates for their consoles to continue playing.  
  • Most consoles can be set up to automatically download and install Destiny updates.
  • Players can also manually update Destiny if they chose not to have automatic downloads enabled or encounter issues with their automatic downloads.
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