This Week at Bungie – 07/28/2016

Jul 28, 2016 - DeeJ

This week at Bungie we started to pave the way toward Rise of Iron.

Behind our closed doors, this is described as taking something out of development and putting it into production. Once we do that, the game is yours to play. Before we do that, we need to lay new foundations. That’s what Update was all about. We’ve unleashed the first real precursor to your next adventure. When we’re adding to a world that’s alive, however, these maneuvers can create some turbulence.

In the midst of our roadwork, we felled a few trees. It’s really the fault of those BEAVER errors we unleashed. Fortunately, when we break something, we aim to fix it as fast as we can. That’s what Hot Fix was all about. If you’re playing on current generation consoles (like PS4s or Xbox Ones), the fix was deployed at 11AM Pacific. If you’re on a Legacy Console, help is on the way. Stay tuned for announcements on when the deployment will be primed and ready for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Sorry for the havoc that was wreaked by those pesky BEAVERs. It’s all in the name of progress.

Guardians In Real Life

When we were at E3, we hosted some very special guests in our own little corner of the convention. In the world of Destiny, they’re protectors of humanity (and Exos and Awoken). In the real world, they don’t stop being heroes.
It was such an honor to share some time with them and hear their stories about playing Destiny, we decided to do it again. This time, we’ll work with Stack Up to bring some veterans to PAX. Here are some words from the fine people at Stack Up about their charter:

When Stack-Up engages with veterans through gaming, whether deployed overseas, recovering in military hospitals, or struggling with transitioning out of the service, our goal is to make sure these brave men and women have a community to come home to. Destiny is one such game where communities like this can thrive, where both civilians and military personnel can speak a common language and feel like a part of a loot-hunting, Oryx-stomping family. We are extremely excited to be partnering with Bungie for this event.

If you think that sounds like a right and proper idea, you can aid the mission. These streamers will be donating their time and talent to help Stack Up raise money to make it happen. Tune in and ante up.

COMING SOON: If Twitch ain’t your scene, we’ll have a poster in the Bungie Store that you can grab, featuring some awesome artwork created by Captain Twaz. It’s not for sale just yet, so follow @BungieStore for updates. This is community artwork for the community to benefit the community. We think you’re a pretty special bunch. If you put this on your wall, we’ll donate all profits to Stack Up to aid in this PAX initiative. 

That’s right... We’ll be at PAX! It's shaping up to be awesome. We’re working on some exciting ways for you to interact with Bungie and express your enthusiasm for Destiny. The Bungie Store and Penny Arcade will have some sweet loot for your souvenir-shopping needs. We’ll tell you more soon.

In the meantime, help us help Stack Up provide transpo and billeting for some special guests who deserve some love.

Postmaster In Real Life

Speaking of the Bungie Store, we’d like to thank you for your support of the Bungie Foundation. So many orders were placed, you set a pace for fulfillment that required us to double down on our efforts.

Recently, we sounded a warning about some shipping delays. Today, we’re pleased to report that the fulfillment of your orders is back on track. While most of our inventory is on the way, you may still experience delays in receiving your Moments of Triumph shirts. More news on those items soon!

If we’re sold out of something you really want, look for the EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE link in the lower right corner of the product page.

Remember, you’re not just buying loot. You’re donating to our mission to make the world a better place – as a Guardian does.

Destiny Player Support

Managing a community requires a lot more than snarky tweets and mysterious blog articles. When we get down to the business of keeping the Live Game healthy, it is Destiny Player Support that does the talking. Listen up!

Destiny Update 2.3.1 Known Issues
Since the release of Destiny Update 2.3.1, we’ve been actively investigating an issue causing a rise in BEAVER error codes. Our research identified that players with Strict or Moderate NAT were more susceptible to this issue when attempting to launch activities or join other players.

To alleviate these issues, Hot Fix is live on PS4 and Xbox One. The same deployment will be coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 soon. Follow us on @BungieHelp for announcements.

In the future, players may potentially reduce issues like these by following basic NAT troubleshooting steps in the “Allowing Destiny’s Connections” page of our Network Troubleshooting Guide. Players who have an Open NAT may experience BEAVER errors at a lower frequency.

Destiny Player Support is also aware of reports that players are not receiving Strike-specific loot upon defeating the final boss of this week’s Nightfall Strike. Initial investigation has shown that this issue is limited to the Nightfall Dust Palace strike on Mars. Nightfall PGCR Rewards are NOT impacted by this issue, nor are Vanguard Strike Playlists.

As we continue our investigations for potential resolutions, all future updates will be posted to @BungieHelp, as well as our pinned thread in the #Help Forum. Private Group/Clan Editing Issues 
We are actively investigating an issue where some group founders are unable to edit their Private Groups or Clans on Players may encounter Error Code (3) when attempting to revise the following:
    • Group name
    • Motto
    • Mission statement
    • Tags
    • Clan ID

Once the cause has been identified, we will work to resolve this issue when possible.

Destiny Account Security
Account security and best-practices are the most effective ways to ensure the protection of Destiny Characters, Items, and your Account. Access to your account relies on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live credentials. We highly advise the following best practices:
    • Do NOT share your account details with anyone. Bungie employees will NEVER ask for this information.
    • Use a different password, and account security questions, for each credential.
    • Ensure that any E-mail account tied to these credentials uses an alternate password as well.
    • Update your passwords frequently.

To fully secure your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Account, please see our Account Security Help Article

Pole Position

So many competitions define the Destiny Community. Guardians are always striving to score points for prowess in combat or excellence in art. We now bring you a word from your referee.

Cozmo: A new week of Challenge of Elders – the same Fireteam on top. They have now defended their top spot for 6 straight weeks. Will anyone be able to break this winning streak?

High Score – 89,705

Second Place – 80,535
Anoxi Coke

Third Place – 70,860

This is the final week of Modifiers that were hand chosen by Bungie designers. Starting August 2nd, after 16 weeks of curation, Challenge of Elders will now have two difficulty Modifiers and one Bonus Multiplier randomly assigned each week. The bosses will also be chosen at random. Things could get crazy.

Movie of the Week… Movie of the Week never changes. We are always scrolling through the Creations page searching for awesome art from the community. The winners will be rewarded with a rare Emblem to show off to everyone they meet in Destiny. We have some great picks today. Please take note of the exits and save your talking for after the movie.

Movie of the Week: Our Greatest Adventure

Honorable Mention: OP OG

Honorable Mention: Road Trip

Honorable Mention: IMercY

So let’s summarize the milestones we’ve plotted on the road to launch for Rise of Iron. Our next stop is gamescom. After that, we’ll be at PAX. Where else might we pop up? Time will tell, Guardians. So will this blog.

Thanks for reading. It’s always fun to bring you along for the journey. And thanks for your patience. We do appreciate it when you pardon our dust.

DeeJ, out.

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