This Week At Bungie - 07/14/2016

Jul 14, 2016 - DeeJ

This week at Bungie we got lucky. And BW.

Our Twitch channel had been dark for too long, so we fired it up and jumped into the fray. With a price on their heads, special guests Luckyy and BW joined Cozmo to clash with the community, Bungie Bounty style.

It was a good time. Good games with good people. Our heroes took their lumps with grace and honor. We awarded some Emblems to opponents and teammates alike. 

There are those streams when we show off new content and pull out all the stops to blow your mind. Those are a fun way to include you in the event of a reveal, but it’s also important to us to experience our game right alongside the people who help us shape the conversation.

The Destiny Community is filled with interesting people who have their own unique voices. We’ll never get around to featuring all of them in a special event in our house. That don’t mean we won’t try.

Stream of Iron

Now, about “those streams where we show off new content…”

We tipped our hand in the last stream about the next stream. You never know what hints might be dropped on our channel.

"Tomorrow” is today – and the next stream about Rise of Iron is next week.

Cosmodrome Winter Tour
Wednesday, July 20th, 10AM Pacific

This will not be an incursion into the Plaguelands. That’s for later. Before your adventures into new territories begin, you’re invited to join us for an exploration of how the world you know has changed with the passage of time.

Raise the Banner

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”

It seems like we just saw Lord Saladin - after his return to the Tower after an unforeseen delay. With smoother sailing restored to the Crucible, he’s sticking to his schedule. An Iron Lord, after all, is defined by honor and discipline.

Begins: Tuesday, July 19th, 10AM Pacific
Ends: Tuesday, July 26th, 2AM Pacific (weekly reset)

The game is Control!

Do you pack the gear you'll need for an appropriate arrival in the halls atop Felwinter Peak? Here’s your chance to earn the armor you lack, or elevate the items in your inventory.

Titan Armor

Warlock Armor

Hunter Armor

PlayStation Armor

Sniper Rifles

Pulse Rifles

Summon your favorite Fireteam or build one with people you have yet to meet. Control those zones. Legendary rewards will find their way into your Vaults.

Check Your Vitals

Destiny Player Support has super serious business to discuss with you this week. Put on your business socks and listen up!

Moments of Triumph Vital Information

Available through September 20th, 2016 players may complete the Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book for in-game rewards, and access to the Year Two Moments of Triumph T-shirt. Since release, we’ve received reports in the #Help forum of difficulties when attempting to complete specific Moments of Triumph. Below are ways to resolve some issues players may be encountering:
  • Players must log in to all characters on a Destiny account after acquiring their Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book for all previously made progress to be recorded properly. If a Character is deleted prior to completing this step, progress will be lost. 
  • This is Amazing”: Players must complete the Crucible questline culminating in The Mountaintop. The Mountaintop Quest becomes available to players after completing previous Quests within the “Crucible Forged” Questline. For a list of all related Quests, please see this Help Article.
  • The Third Element”: To be unlocked within the Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book, players may need to re-equip a previously completed Year Two Subclass (Nightstalker, Stormcaller, or Sunbreaker). 
  • Eris Morn’s Revenge”: Players must collect all 50 Calcified fragments under a single character. Grimoire represents Calcified Fragment totals shared between all characters under a single Destiny account. Individual Character Progress may be viewed here.

For all information concerning the Year Two Moments of Triumph, please see the Year Two Moments of Triumph Guided Support on

Legacy Consoles: August 16th, 2016.

Starting August 16th, 2016, Legacy Consoles will no longer receive major Destiny updates or content releases. On this date, the Account Import process will become available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Consoles. From this date forward, progression will no longer be shared between console generations within the same console family.

The Destiny experience will also be changing on Legacy consoles. Please note the following:

  • Legacy Console players will have until 2:00 AM PDT on August 16th, 2016 to receive their Moments of Triumph T-Shirt code on their Year Two Triumphs page on 
    • After this date, Legacy Console players will no longer be able to access Character data on, which includes the completion of the Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book and T-Shirt code. 
    • Players may continue to make progress and earn in-game rewards from their Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book through September 20th, 2016 on Legacy Consoles. 
    • Players who complete their Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book on Legacy Consoles may still generate a T-shirt code, only if they perform an account import on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One prior to 11:59 PM PDT on October 4th. For more information, follow this link.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The Account Import process is a one-time process that splits progress between console generations. After an account has been imported, this cannot be undone.
  • Destiny Events and Activity Availability will be changing for Legacy Consoles on August 16th, 2016. 
    • Activities such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris will continue to be available to Legacy Console players through the end of August 2016.
    • The ability to purchase Silver will no longer be available on Legacy Consoles starting August 16th, 2016.
    • Players may still purchase items from Eververse Trading co. with Silver that is already present on their account.

All information concerning the future of Destiny on Legacy Consoles may be found within the Legacy Console Guided Support on

Chart Toppers

Our resident star maker will now wield his mighty telescope.

Cozmo: We have a bit of a Challenge of Elders dynasty being created. We didn’t share scores last week because of some Bungie Day special programming, but this week’s winners also won last week… and the week before. 

High Score – 82,870

Second Place – 78,545

Third Place – 76,280

SdBatlefront, RedSox007, and BlazeBoss17 are in it to win it every week, and have quite a streak going. For 3 weeks, they have posted the highest score. They even posted the 3rd highest score for this week. Will anyone be able to knock them out of the top spot?


Cozmo: I was out of town last week and DeeJ wouldn’t step up to the plate to deliver some movies. To make up for the absence of sweet Emblem rewards we are giving you a double feature this week with twice the movies! As always, the best way to get your shot at winning MOTW is to submit your entry to the Creations page. 

Movie of the Week: The shot heard ‘round the solar system

[Editor's Note: This is Photoshop]

Honorable Mention: Ammunition

Honorable Mention: Singularity

Honorable Mention: Evidence

Honorable Mention: Never T-bag

Honorable Mention: These never get old

Honorable Mention: Sétima Coluna!

[Editor's Note: It was Bungie Day last week, and we decided to postpone the MOTW in favor of a double-dose this week. But go ahead and talk some trash, Cozmo. I can take it!]

Next week should be fun. Be sure to take a break from Iron Banner to hang with us on Twitch. There are fortunes to tell. We might even call the shot on the next stream about the stream that will happen after that.

We know it's good to have something to look forward to...

DeeJ, out.
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