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由StormBear編輯: 10/29/2023 8:27:46 PM

Trials matchmaking is beyond broken

My team Opponents 1. 0.78 KD 1. 1.40 KD 2. 0.65 KD (me) 2. 0.90 KD 3. 0.38 KD 3. 0.76 KD The highest KD player on my team is only 0.02 above the lowest on their team. How is this anything except rigged to lose? Edit: Just had another joke match. 0.84 2.13 0.65 0.99 0.63 0.85 None of us even matched their KD 😂 Trainwreck game design Edit: Up against a 2-stack Then 3 solos Then reset the card. First match? Yep, instantly another 2-stack. “FTBMM” my hole (To all those who misread my intentions: it’s not about winning or losing for me. Purely team balance)



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