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9/4/2023 11:35:20 PM
Xivu Arath
Xivu Arath

Slaughtering Guardians

Sherpa Emblem Should be Full Clears

I do like what has to be done to get the actual raid emblem, you need to complete [u]all [/u] encounters. IMO, sherpa emblems should be the same. LFG is going crazy with "Crota CP sherpa, have 0 clears". This isn't teaching. Isn't sherpa a teacher? Plus those people won't learn OR get their emblem. It's just placing them on the "add-clear" or "put well here" role. I get that the emblem does say "CARRY 10 guardians", so I guess my idea of requirements is skewed. Personally, I'd rather earn the emblem by teaching a full run. I already have my "10 carries" emblem, but the groups I ran with were all full runs, because they wanted to learn mechanics, get the secret chests and red border weapon at the end. TLDR: Bungie, I absolutely love the design of the "Hope Eater" emblem, but please make sherpa emblems count full clears for 10 new people.



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