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3/4/2016 6:53:03 PM

Bungie: You are on the clock





Sometimes it's hard to tell if: they are secretly brimming with confidence and about to drop something on us that is going to make us all say "I'm sorry for questioning you" or they are falling apart and so bereft of direction and understanding that they are really just stalling for more time 3 weeks Bungie. You are on the clock. INB4 [spoiler]I realize it's probably calendar, not clock. I just think clock sounds more foreboding. Dun dun duuuuuuuuh[/spoiler]



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  • 由samwenchester編輯: 3/5/2016 7:56:31 PM
    Me and my friend have a theory that they are purposefully trying to kill destiny so Activision will tear up the contract and they can move on to another game. It makes no sense on why they wouldn't have any transparency in this business. I mean that's one of the most important things when you have a community following this big. Only real explanation is they want out amd they are going to kill it on purpose. If they put out an article tomorrow admitting to everyone what really happend before launch that caused destiny to be such a turd, I'd say more than 50% of the once loyal players would buy in again no questions asked. It's all about being loyal to the fans. Transparency is a big part of that.



    以禮待人。發佈文章前請花點時間查看我們的行為準則 取消 編輯 創立火力戰隊 文章

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