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Adjust gunplay mechanics on console to be closer to PC

So after a ton of grinding in comp and playing with handcannons in general, it's really frustrating to have your reticle dead center on the head of an opponent and have it not be accurate because your firing at the max rof, which is what you're supposed to do to compete with another player but instead you're punished because of an outdated concept that makes you have to wait and therefore die. Make the PC and console versions the same, it's entirely ridiculous. EDIT: Yes I'm fully aware that handcannons are the most popular gun, this post is mainly about the differences between PC and console and how flinch, recoil, and bloom are very different between the two builds and that they shouldn't be. EDIT 2: I'm seeing a lot of comments talking about that if bloom is reduced or removed that handcannons will be op because of their range. I can understand that and it is one of my biggest frustration because scout rifles are my favorite weapon type but handcannons can outperform them on almost every map in the game because they hit harder than their counterparts and have a large number of range. So I do agree that some weapons need reworks, but I'm mainly frustrated at the huge inconsistency between PC and console. I decided to jump onto PC the other day after playing on console for months, used a PSI Cirrus II with mouse and keyboard (which I'm really not that good with) and it was easy mode. I could use any blue weapon or "bad" archetype well because the mechanics on console are much more severe than PC, and that is what the main idea of this post is about.

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