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(Fanfic) Audio Log #5 “Fair Fight”

// PREVIOUS LOG DETECTED // CREATING LINK TO [url=]AUDIO LOG 1[/url] // RECORDING BEGINS... SAHVOZ-88: “Log number five now? Well, it ain’t much but it’s a small milestone at least. Yeesh, if I wasn’t an Exo, I’d be starving to death! How long has it been? Days? Weeks? If it weren’t for nearly getting burnt to ash on the Almighty, I might’ve forgotten what the Sun looks like. Surely the camp can’t be too much further, right Vetra?” // SECOND USER DETECTED: ‘VETRA’ VETRA: “It’s not that far now, I swear. In fact, I think it’s directly below us.” SAHVOZ-88: “How far below?” VETRA: “Too far for what you’re thinking, so don’t try it! One of these tunnels should get us down there.” SAHVOZ-88: “Fine.....send out a pulse to see what one connects.” VETRA: “Right.” SAHVOZ-88: “I wonder what those noises we heard were...” *distant, echoing roar* VETRA: “Why did you have to say something?! Wait......oh no.” SHAVOZ-88: “What? Did you find the righ-“ VETRA: “NO TIME! HEAD DOWN THE MIDDLE TUNNEL AND KEEP TO THE LEFT WALL! I’M PICKING UP SOMETHING BIG, AND VERY ANGRY COMING STRAIGHT FOR US!” SAHVOZ-88: “How big? Like, Ogre big or mayb-“ VETRA: “GO!” SAHVOZ-88: “Okay okay, calm down.” [b][u][i]???[/u]: ”Duck...”[/b][/i] SAHVOZ-88: “Wha- WOAH!” *rocks smash* VETRA: “What just happened!? I knew you were fast, but no-one could’ve predicted that those rocks would even move, Nevermind nearly crush you!” SAHVOZ-88 “I’m.....not was that voice again, it told me to “duck”....guess it’s on our side?” VETRA: “Maybe...” SAHVOZ-88: “Wait! Be quiet! you hear that? Sounds like something’s comin’ this way......” *Creature roars* // DANGER DETECTED // PROXIMITY: 36 METERS VETRA: “I think it found us....” // PROXIMITY ALERT // HAZARD IS WITHIN VIEWING DISTANCE SAHVOZ-88: “Oh....that’s how big. Welp, time to get to work.” VETRA: “Are you insane? Not only is that thing huge, but down here, there’s [i]no respawns![/i] You can’t come back if you die!” SAHVOZ-88: “Neither can this thing. Vetra, mark a path to the camp, I have an idea.” *roaring continues* VETRA: “Fine....I hope you know what you’re doing!” // RECORDING ENDS... // FUTURE LOG DETECTED // CREATING LINK TO [url=]AUDIO LOG 6[/url]

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