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7/18/2019 10:25:01 PM

An idea to improve bannershield (long post).

I'm making this in response to another person's post I saw in regards to bannershield. It was about how they think it should be improved, but not sure how. I think having it do the aegis blast attack, except without it interrupting the sentinels block, would be a good way to make it more useful (and less boring) for the titan so they can more consistently support with damage. I don't think it should charge up like the shield throw, but rather through the damage it absorbs, or buffs (but there are ideas I'm tinkering with and open to). Let's say we have a sentinel titan, 1 ally, and 1 enemy (I'm going to use crucible as this will make the numbers easier). For every ally getting buffed by sentinel's weapons of light, the aegis blast, or sentinel blast, will fill up at 10% per second with lesser returns (so that it's not instant or crazy). Each additional ally will add 2% additional energy per second, up to 18%. Upon reaching 100%, the sentinel could release a 100 damage blast to the enemy guardian in a small radius of maybe like an incindieary grenade with similar fall off. If bungie wants to make this really damn easy, just consume the shield toss ability and use its cooldown for balance instead of what I'm proposing. What I'm proposing is way more work for basically the same thing, but it wouldn't consume the shield toss and would keep sentinel floating between support and offense. Next would be the part that matters, the damage. Bannershields biggest issue (and honestly the only real one) is that it's buff, according to calculations, only barely reaches around maybe 6% extra damage compared to simply shooting with the 6th guy. An easy fix would be to just crank up bannershields buff, but that's honestly boring and the opposite of what I'm suggesting. When the bannershield is hit by damage, it absorbs it. That damage that is absorbed is converted to a damage buff only usable by the sentinel shield blast. Let's say we block 200 damage worth. Convert that into a 200% damage buff for shield blast. This means after blocking a guardians health worth of damage, it can come back with around a 300 damage counter attack, which wouldn't one shot supers but deal really good damage to them (if it hits). Another bonus it could have, is that it absorbing damage (if we aren't consuming the shield toss or using that model, but rather the one I suggested that relies on a number of allies), that it's converted to fill up the shield blasts bar. Let's say around 200 health worth is 1 blast. This will make it capable of dealing increased damage as soon as it's charged without relying on allies, but if you solely rely on allies, it will not be powerful enough to kill players. To translate this in pve would be such a pain in the ass, but the point of this attack isn't to be a crazy celestial nighthawk level damage attack, it's to be an extra bit of damage it can deal while supporting the rest of its allies (and making it awesome while doing it). My goal is to have it be a somewhat weak attack in pve, like around maybe a fusion rifle burst worth of damage by itself, but then absorbing damage massively increases it to be more valuable. This would promote using it when under heavy fire while still granting some benefits when just using it for straight dps. If we let it pair with the sentinels detonators, it would become a really good means of supporting your allies with ability cooldowns, a bit of extra damage, ad clear, and health, something that quite honestly hurts bannershield currently when using it as a support as it cannot do this without killing enemies (which means dropping the guard and leaving your allies vulnerable). I think this change would add so much more utility to bannershield as well as increasing its fun as a super. All of these values could be tweaked, it's just hard for me to work with it in pve without the ability to actually test it. Could very easily be broken in some way, but I'm not entirely sure. Additional notes: [Spoiler]If we only have 1 ally that's being buffed, which would be 10% per second under my proposal, it could do 1 shield blast every 10 seconds. I believe 5 allies extends bannershields duration to around 30 seconds, so just with 5 allies you would possibly get around 3 shield blasts. With 2 allies probably 2. And absorbing massive damage would lead to more, making it a support machine.[/spoiler]

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