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Things that are wrong in The Crucible

1. Hybrid P2P, which causes delay and bad hit detection for too many players. You must have a "Certain Bungie connection". Players with too clean internet (0 packet loss, -10ms ping, wired) mostly don't stand a chance, because the other players get their complete data too fast. But they get the other player's data too slow and broken. So Bungie, you need to program that better. Players with good internet should not be punished bij your Lag Compensation/ Damage Referee. 2. Some character's grenades are to overpowered and the other character's grenades are too weak. 3. There is only one primary weapon (Mida), which is really good. There should be more primaries, that have the same TTK as Mida. 4. More secondaries with the same TTK. 5. 4vs4 should only be in the competitive game modes like in Trials. 6. I wonder if the armor mods are really working. On my characters i have ressiliance 8-9 and i keep loosing gunfights with the same weapon, even when i start shooting earlier and almost headshots only. Then i look at the enemy's resiliance and i see a 4. 7. Of course, we should be able to choose what we want to play. 8. Ranking System in PvP with Prestiges (something like CoD) 9. In game leaderborads 10. There should be a difference in power levels. Players with a higher power level should be rewarded by doing more damage then lower power levels. 11. Full fireteams shouldn't get the host connection advantage. At this moment, mostly when i'm playing against full fireteams i don't stand a chance, because it's almost impossible to kill an enemy. Not because they are in a party together, but because their bullets seem to do 4x more damage then mine. (1vs1) 12. Maybe voting, which map we want to play? 13. Recovery for Hunter is too slow. When hit, you really must run far away and fast. There should come more armor with a higher recovery and a lower movement speed. No matter how fast i move or jump, it looks like the enemy's bullets have some kind of magnetism, no matter how fast i move, i get melted away too fast. 14. When i get super with my Hunter, can't even fire a Shadowshot and stay alive, mostly. I do exactly the same like streamers, but they survive. Why do i get killed, even before i hit the ground again. I stand no chance, when firing a Shadowshot. 90% of all times, the enemy kills me in 0.2 second. I won't even complain about the little things like too slow supers, warlock Nova Bomb travels in slow motion, Rockets not doing damage, while exploding under enemie's feet, Heavy only for one team mate (if lucky)....

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