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Inb4 "Why use a power weapon over another?"

So, in the aftermath of the Destiny 2 premiere we've been exposed to some changes that might've surprised me. Namely, the new weapon slot system that puts all your favorite special weapons (besides sidearms) in that heavy slot along with Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers. While I welcome the change of being able to feel like twice the space cowboy with my dual handcannon builds I feel like there's going to be the question of [quote]"Why use a fusion rifle when I can use a Rocket launcher???"[/quote] or something like that. Well, I thought about it and I think it comes out to how you want to DPS. This is actually going to be an inb4. Personally, I believe the Power weapon slot is going to add an interesting dynamic to the destiny formula. Instead of having an LMG [b][i]and[/i][/b] a shotgun, you now have to pick between the two. In game types like the Crucible, the weapons you choose will give you varying degrees of killing potential. This is how I think it's going to work out. [b]Shotguns[/b] : Provides massive DPS at a very close range. Get one shot kills all day bbyyyy. [quote]But wait!! Why not just use a Rocket Launcher to do that from a greater distance?[/quote] Good question! This is where the killing potential comes into play. You see with Rocket Launchers you only get a very limtited amount of rockets. Lets say 1-3 of them. With a shotgun, you would get 6 shots, according to the crucible gameplay - which would give you more kills per ammo pick up, if every kill is a one shot kill. Confusing? I hope not. [quote]Well okay, what if I wanna one shot scrubs at a distance but want more than two easy kills?[/quote] Snipers my boy, snipers [b]Snipers[/b] : Deliver lethal one shot killing potential at long distances, with more shots to kill than Rocket launcher. I hope now you grasp how it's going to work out, in case you were wondering. [b]Fusion Rifles[/b] : Single target DPS that has farther range than a shotgun, but easier to use than a Sniper. [b]Machine Guns[/b] : Consistent DPS for tankier targets. They're ammo capacity is balanced by the fact that their damage is spread over time, instead of them being one hit kills. [b]Rocket Launchers[/b] : Boom booms for multiple squishies or for just the one big dude. Massive DPS compared to other power weapons, but limited in terms of ammo. [b]Grenade Launchers[/b] : Booms for multiple targets or for just the one big dude again, but this time the DPS is spread over time. But that means you can spread your DPS to multiple baddies! Wanna blow up that group of dregs waaaay over there too? You can!! You've got the ammo and the blast radius! And that's basically it. This post wasn't really a well thought out and organized thing, I just wanted to get the message out and try to prevent some puzzled thinking. Thoughts? Opinions? Wanna send me to a writing workshop? Discuss it below!!

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