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Sleigh bells on the surface of my mind!

[b]Eris Morn[/b] seemed less than festive this year, so I decided to force the spirit of Christmas into her. It didn't take long to find her nook, [b][i]she never leaves.[/i][/b] [b]"Merry Chr-"[/b] [i]"CRROOOOOOTTTAAAAA"[/i] [b]"...-istmas Eris. How would you like to go look at the lights in the city with me?"[/b] [i]"The light has left. Now, all that remains is a shadow beyond, darkness. Just like Erianna..."[/i] [b][i]*sigh*[/i] "What I meant to say, was how would you like to go to the Hellmo-"[/b] [i]"CROTA'S BEDCHAMBER. We shall leave at once." [b]*gathers boxes of raisins*[/b] "I only wish you'd have warned me sooner, I'd have prepared my formal rags."[/i] ///And so we made our way to my ship. I switched to my hive one just for Eris. We departed the tower./// [i][b]*Long, sensual sniff*[/b] "This ship smells just like Crota. Have you any music, guardian? If you have a cable, I can connect my rock."[/i] [b]"Yes, of course, here." [i]*hands taped up AUX cord*[/i][/b] [i]"How the -blam!- does this -blam!-ing go in again...-blam!-! AHA! There we go."[/i] [b][i]*'Started from the purp, now I'm Blue' by Slim Shahool pounds against my ear drums with the force of one thousand tortoises, Eris begins to rap along faster than you can say 'as intended'*[/i][/b] [i]"Yo you bring me drops I hand out stops you wanted purp but it is not I've got a blue fresh just for you your enemies I pity you"[/i] [b]"Eris, I had no idea this was your jam. I figured you'd be more into grunge, since you're...grungy.."[/b] [b][i]*Eris hands me her rock, it lights up showing her instagram page @str8outtahellmouth*[/i][/b] [i]"Perhaps one time, guardian, I'd have listened to such delight. Erianna, however, showed me these sick beats, and they're all I have left of her."[/i] ///By this time our ship had just landed. Obviously, I lied to Eris. We were in fact going to look at lights. We were in the heart of the city, festive lights cast bright glares across the faces of the starving children. All of the guardian corpses from under the Tower were arranged into the shape of a tree, and it was solely decorated in purple balls./// [b][i]*We transmat out of the ship, Eris can smell the cheer*[/i][/b] [i]"....this is not the Hellmouth."[/i] [b]"You need some Christmas cheer, Eris!"[/b] [i]"FEAR BEFORE CHEER GUAR-"[/i] [b]"MERRY -blam!-ING CHRISTMAS THANKS AGAIN FOR THE RAISINS"[/b] [i]"SLEIGH BELLS ON THE SURFACE OF MY MIND"[/i]

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