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Modifié par InSaiyanOne : 5/2/2020 8:38:04 AM

Tangled Shore Bounties Do Not Supply XP on Claim (PS4)

For a while now I have noticed that when I complete Tangled Shore daily bounties (from Spider), I do not seem to consistently receive XP along with the Etheric Spiral. At the very least I do not see the bar appear when it was not currently in view already. So my most recent experience: I just completed the Heroic Public Event in Sorik's Cut on the Tangled Shore. Knowing that one of the weekly bounties was to capture/kill that target, I pull my director-quest screen up (is there ANYTHING y'all can do to make PS4 take LESS TIME to bring up character-weapons/armor and director screens up? Please?! More vault space also!...sorry) and start claiming the 3 recently completed bounties. I claim the first bounty, nothing shows besides the amount of Etheric Spiral on the right side of my screen. I claim the second bounty, same thing. I then go to the completed weekly target bounty and claim that and I see the XP bar appear at the bottom and show progress along with glimmer on the side of my screen. iS1

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