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11/7/2019 4:43:34 PM

[PC/EU] The True Nightmares Recruiting Members esp. For Raid // New players welcome!

[i]'Where we see beauty, the Vex see imperfection. Every world, every being, must be made anew.'[/i] - Ikora Rey [b]The True Nightmares[/b] [TTN] is now recruiting members! May you be new or not, it doesn't matter. Note: We are mainly looking for members to fill out raid slots. We originally were a group of friends that were looking for a clan that would fit our needs, but after searching for a while without success, we decided to create our own. If you happen to find yourself in the same predicament, we just might be the place for you! What we offer you: Experienced and active members that are dying to tackle activities as a group. A position to actively shape the future of TTN. A small familial environment, friendly banter is very welcome. We are not big friends of overly large clans. Raid and PvP activities, clan rewards. Our own clan Discord to chat up with your fellow mates. What we want from you: To be somewhat active. We won't require you to be online 24/7, but we expect you to show up for planned events (f.e. raids) you intended to join. Note: Some of us work shifts, so we might have to switch dates around if we can't find a replacement. These things will of course be taken care of properly beforehand, not 5 minutes before the raid. Be friendly to new(er) players. New Light introduced a lot of new people joining in for D2, and if we happen to recruit some of those, our goal will be to help them out as much as possible. Have fun with the game, though this might be obvious ;) In conclusion - if you think you fit in, just respond to this thread or shoot me a message. You can also just hop into the Discord directly, here is the link: See you soon, Splashy

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