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8/7/2014 2:14:49 AM

Increase Hide functionality idea

I would support this.


I would not support this.


Other (Comment further)


Just saw a thread over in the Destiny tab about how someone lives on Hawaii and might get hit with a giant storm, one of the largest in their recorded history. I'm all for allowing people to post generalized stuff in specific areas and I do appreciate all the support Bungie does for this website, most recently the expansion of the comment box, but when I saw that in the feed, I asked myself a simple question: If I can click the report button on the far right, why not just make this easy and allow me to click a "hide" button like a post? I thought maybe that was an option under the original poster comment and find out it isn't. The idea is just to extend the hide function at this point to that section. If a poster makes a thread like that and we would not like to see it in our feed? Just let us click the hide button and let it come back later. Thoughts on this?

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