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9/24/2022 6:45:35 PM

Iron Wolves [WOLF] - 500+ active members, 3000+ community, Day-1, Raids, PVP, Grandmasters, Triumphs, New player friendly, Sherpas

Inspired by the Iron Lords of the Old Age, the Iron Wolves [WOLF] band together in order to beat the end-game activities in Destiny 2. The Iron Wolves is where players can find active people with whom they can put together teams, play the game, and who knows, maybe find their next best friend. We have veteran wolf raiders, hunter wolves running full pvp meta, active wolves running pve meta loadouts, and newcomers looking for guidance. Our LFG section is full of senior [WOLF] members who are always available to team up for activities. Discord membership and activity are required for clan membership. - Teaching activities - Seasonal and Playlist fireteams - Teaching raids and kwtd raids - Low man/speed runs - Day-1 raid teams - PvP comp/survival and casual fireteams - Trials - Gambit casual and stump teams - Triumphs ****************************** To Join the [WOLF] Clan: 1. Upvote this post and comment that you would like to join 2. Join our discord server and follow the instructions in the Welcome message: ******************************

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