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10/12/2019 7:14:04 PM

Destiny is perfectly fine, except one thing: screw the crucible.

i swear to god if i had a penny for every recluse/scout rifle i have died to id be able to buy this company and fix it. players complained about recluse for ALL of season of opulence, and you guys just want to nerf heavy again. -blam!- off, bungie. usually i am happy with new changes, and i am. the raid (though kinda easy, i literally loaded into an lfg and finished it within an hour) is super fun with really cool rewards, nightmare hunts are filled with wonderful nostalgia, vex offensive is a fun pastime, overall pve is in a really good state. armor 2.0 is amazing, giving me more build diversity on weapons i actually like to use over weapons i am forced to use, which leads to my main point. i am literally forced to use recluse and some scout/pulse primary because of how overpowered and broken they are compared to literally any other weapon. recluse is creating a snowball for every other energy weapon, because why use the ancient gospel raid hand cannon, or the newly buffed sunshot when you can just use recluse and win? weve been wanting a nerf since the start of opulence, its time recluse got it. last word (also) shoots way too fast for the damage it causes, but cammy cakes went into detail on that bit.

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