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7/3/2019 5:56:15 AM

PSA for banner shield

[b]For banner shield users:[/b] Standing right in front of the boss doesn't help the team. Your team members need to closely stay behind you shield. Otherwise they don't get the weapons of light. Now you could say they should stay with you. But the highest dps weapons are now grenade launchers. So players like to stay their distance. When it's shotguns again you can go of face to face with the boss. [b]For team members that have a banner shield in the party:[/b] You can shoot through the shield! Destiny do far has conditioned us to never shoot through shield since they are a object and you will kill yourself. Also you don't get the buff if you stand in front of it. This sounds obvious but plenty of fire team members stand in front of the shield. Banner shield is only good when it's a six man activity. Raids don't give you a need to have a shield in front of you since in most damage phases are safe. But it's perfect for the menagerie. Because of it's rare usage for blocking not many players know how it works and do stupid stuff as standing in front of it or standing in front of the boss with the shield. Hence this small PSA from a very tilted banner shield user after a night grinding the menagerie. I know nothing serious to be tilted by but I still hate it how obviously good this super is for these encounters and players put themselves in danger by being stupid. What would help is Bungie changing the name for banner shield when cast. Instead of the chatlog displaying [i]sentinel shield[/i] they should show [i]banner shield[/i]. Wouldn't immediately fix the problem but a nice qol that will work overtime. [i]P.S. if you use banner shield and have some tips share them in the comments[/i]

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