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7/29/2018 1:54:56 AM

Destiny 2/ keeps on running into connectivity errors, can't fix

When I start Battle.Net I am offline, I have to try and wait multiple minutes to get online. Then I get errors loading the Destiny pane, saying they can't be loaded because it can't connect. Once I start my game I get errors saying I can't connect to Destiny servers, I'm having general connectivity issues, etc. After enough trying I can load into the game, and either: A. There are no NPCs or enemies or B. I get booted out of the game after a few moments because I can't connect to the servers Origin (EA's service) will not let me go online Steam lets me load up and play multiplayer game's with no problems whatsoever I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Norton, I've tried scanning and repairing my Destiny 2 files Neither origin, Destiny 2, or Battle.Net show up in my Windows Defender Firewall settings Please someone help me figure this out, it's incredibly frustrating, I just want to be able to properly connect and play

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