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Editado por Skipper1175: 7/26/2017 5:41:29 PM

Can we get an adult version Destiny game?

Hi All, I made a similar comment about this somewhere, but I'd like to make a topic on it because maybe Bungie will listen, Please:) Can we get an adult version of Destiny, not a kiddie arcade game? I'd like more MMO/RPG aspects, open voice chat in all zones, a chat, an auction house and DPS/Damage/Healing reports after each raid boss, allow us to trade basic items, allow elite players to wear more exotic items at one time and create a higher tier gear level called "artifact". Also in the future allow veteran players to transfer their characters to the next game that would honor us and would be greatly appreciated. I don't think it's right to make us start our character's over and over that's just tedious and not right in an RPG game. Oh and a barber @ the Farm, Please *Edit - Bungie grab some interns and have them do voice-overs for our guardians, Please!

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