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Hablemos de Destiny.
11/25/2016 3:09:04 PM

The Shit is This, Bungie?

[i]::dumps XboxOne on table:: ::sets table on fire::[/i] [quote][/quote] Just read [url=]TWAB[/url]. Just wow. The past few weeks have been generating a lot of feedback and concerns from the community and come this week, NOTHING was addressed yet again. What do you provide? A list of employee thank you statements. I'm from MN so Thanksgiving is what I do. But from a company standpoint on the precipice of total decay for Destiny, you tell us what you're all thankful for...? Great. How about actually addressing real issues. Things you've been avoiding for the past, oh I don't know... few months!? [i]::summons Supreme Butthurt::[/i] Now, I've placed Destiny back in her closet more than a month ago and have been playing Skyrim. So I'm actually enjoying life. Just waiting for real news on the progress or FIXING state of the game in order to maybe draw me back into playing. Does that happen? Lol nope! The weekly update is pretty damn short. Nothing worth reading. Just figured due to the holiday they'd address something.

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