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10/15/2015 1:20:14 AM

Tell me your whorst experience at PvP

My whorst experience was at Trials of Osiris, sorry Trials of Thorns. My friends and i were 8-0, then we saw our enemies, 3 defender titans with No Land Beyond, Matador, Felwinters and Party Crasher. On every round they use their shield on the same place with bles, weapons and armor of light; A guy have Saint 14 helmet, other have the glass house and the final one have alpha Lupi chest armor. We lost, they win 5-0 the heavy ammo round they use RPGs with grenades and hourse shoes. They kicked our asses, we lost to those trolls. Tell me your whorst experience at PvP. Bumb, like, share and comment

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