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3 x level 32 characters deleted :(

Well my fellow guardians I guess it's time for me to leave Destiny for good :( not because I want to or am over the game but because yesterday I woke up to find out that my son had deleted my 3 Level 32 characters (Titan, Warlock, Hunter) and then proceeded to the vault which was full and dismantled all my guns including 2 Gjallarhorns. I had all the Dark Below raid armor, guns, pretty much every exotic gun (duplicates of the best ones) and the best exotic armor for each character and yep now it's all gone all 500 or so hours and some really good luck from RNG all gone, gone to nothing. So pretty much all I"m left with now is the 2 level 3 characters he created, some heavy ammo packs, gun telemetries and the radiant materials I had. I've met some really good people and had a lot of fun times because of this game and that's what I'll miss most about this game the social side of things it brought to me, just chillin and talking crap with my mates while raiding or whatever it was we were doing. I guess I'll miss out on House of Wolves now too which I've already paid for because I can't see myself re-grinding back to where I was or even half of where I was :( Anyways this is me signing off and saying my final farewell have fun out there guardians and kick some ass. Edit 2: (I'm going to put it here so you don't have to go to the bottom to find the extra info added) My log in screen ( I took this image when I first got 3 x 32's) [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] My current vault space and inventory (for the people who think I'm hiding stuff in there) A tribute to my favorite character the TITAN (LOL) Yeah, yeah I know them snipe shots LOL OK so my son is 6 yrs old almost 7. Yes I'd let him play it occasionally at times when I was with him. No my Ps4 was not password protected it was set to auto log in <(worst mistake ever, lesson learned). The deleting process how I think it went down. (He was awake before me, I wake up at 7 or when my youngest wakes me if not before that). He deleted my titan then made a titan done the story levels got to the tower then pulled all my guns out and dismantled them then transferred all he could to the titans inventory (consumables and radiant mats is all I had in the vaults general section) . Then deleted my warlock and hunter I guess and made a new warlock. So everything on my characters deleted and my guns from the vault also. The Reason (it was not done maliciously or in an act out to me at all) When I first realised what he'd done I was angry and said to him why'd he do this all he said was I wanted to be the hunter then pretty much shut down. This didn't make sense to me because Hunter was the only class he didn't make. The next day after work I had another chat to him he said the same thing he wanted to be the hunter, I said what do you mean you made a titan and a warlock, he said I wanted the controller to be red but I didn't know how to do that. Me???? what are you talking about. He said I wanted to be second player so I could use the hunter we made, the fresh started character. Then I realised what he was going on about on the PS4 controller the light on the front is blue for first player and red for second player. A few weeks back we made a new character (hunter) because he wanted a fresh start (I guess having everything was to easy for him lol). So I made the new character on my second psn account which that day was second player with the red light on the front. He was looking for that character and wanted a fresh started character ( because Gjallarhorn is to OP I guess and should be nerfed LOL jokes). He didn't know I'm not able to get my stuff back. Anyways shit happens and a big lesson learned for me. [spoiler] Guardian Down[/spoiler] [spoiler]Check my grimoire[/spoiler] [spoiler]Bungie I need your HELP[/spoiler] [spoiler] it was fun while it lasted[/spoiler] Edit 1: I'm currently at work and will reply tomorrow. Edit 3: Thanks for the positive comments, the offers of help, advice and some Lols too. Edit 4: For some reason the post has been brought back to life when it had been dead for weeks obviously I'm playing again I made two titans this time so I could be ready for HoW.

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