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Total Score
15528 21706
The Sights I've Seen
Complete Exotic quest "Presage."
Cure for the Itch
Complete "Presage" on Master difficulty.
Bound in Memory
Find all the pages of the captain's log.
Tucked Away
Discover each of the Glykon's smuggling compartments.
Tale Told
Complete "Presage" on Master difficulty without dying.
Lone Gun in a Dark Place
Complete Presage Solo without dying.
Graven Tales
Uncover the Dead Man's Tale.
Dead Man's Epilogue
Complete the Dead Man's Tale catalyst quest.
Figments of an Answer
Uncover clues aboard the Glykon.
Another Link in the Chain
With tentative aid, uncover new clues aboard the Glykon.
All the Scattered Pieces
With access to the mainframe, uncover the final set of clues aboard the Glykon.
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