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Wrath of the Machine World First

Wrath of the Machine, the newest Raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron, went live on 9/23/16. Here in our studio, there was excitement in the air. Many of us were asking the question: “Who would finish it first?”

There’s always a bit of mystery surrounding new Raids before Guardians are allowed to swarm in to test their cunning. Everyone has a vague idea of what lies ahead, but no one really knows exactly what will be asked of them until they are in the fight, struggling to survive. There were a lot of eyeballs watching on day one.

The Raid team here at Bungie has created a tradition of watching the World First race down in our theater on the big screen. The community that is not actively participating is also following along on Twitch. Everyone is eager to see who will be the first to finish. For Wrath of the Machine, it was Clan Redeem that was the first to conqueror Aksis and cross the finish line.

Let’s meet the latest Fireteam to World First a Raid. 

First off, congratulations on being the first to take down Aksis. Who all was a part of your Fireteam, and where can we find them on the Internet?

Tfue: Our team consisted of myself, FleshCrunch, PvT Nuclear, Ehroar, MagneticRubber, and Modern Tryhard.

You can find us all on Twitch and YouTube.
Tfue: Twitch - YouTube
FleshCrunch: Twitch - YouTube
PvT Nuclear: Twitch - YouTube
Ehroar: Twitch - YouTube
MagneticRubber: Twitch - YouTube
ModernTryhard: Twitch - YouTube  

Team composition is an important part of Raiding. What Classes and Weapons did everyone on your team have equipped for this blind run?

Tfue: Our team consisted of 4 Titans, those being ModernTryhard, Tfue, Ehroar and MagneticRubber, and 2 Hunters, being PvT Nuclear and FleshCrunch. The weapons most of us were using was the Hung Jury/Imago Loop, Eirene RR4, and Gjallarhorn/Sleeper Simulant.

More proof that Hunters and Titans are the best. Did you do anything to prepare for this attempt or just show up and wreck stuff?

Tfue: We did a lot of preparing for the Raid. We spent most of the week grinding the Heroic Strike Playlist for 365 then opening Factions packages for our light above that... Then we showed up and wrecked stuff.

[Editor’s Note: Cozmo phrased this question in such a way to make me mad. Not you. It’s working.]

Get wrecked, Aksis! Do you have any tips for players who have not yet tried to rage against the machine?

Tfue: Communicate. There's a lot to coordinate between each other so just keep talking and stay on the same page. Also Titans and Hunters bake.

Not sure what that means, but I’m going to let it roll. Which Raid encounter did you find to be the most entertaining?

Tfue: Most of us found the Zamboni the most entertaining. What an experience that was!

Going for World First can be a stressful endeavor. What was the most difficult part that you had to come together as a team to conquer?

Tfue: The most difficult part was definitely Aksis. Our DPS wasn't the issue. We just had to figure out how to keep Aksis down. Stumbled upon that like usual.

Do you plan on going for World First when the Heroic Raid launches sometime in the near future?

Tfue: We'll be going for it for sure. Nothing will keep us away from that.

Congratulations to Redeem and all of the other Fireteams who have completed Wrath of the Machine thus far. There are still a lot of Guardians preparing to make their stand, we wish you all good luck out there.

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