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Full gamescom Streaming Schedule

We’re getting ready to broadcast live from gamescom with more details about Rise of Iron. The show we’re putting on will last all week long. It will include many languages and many personalities from this community of Guardians who are eager for new action.
Before gamescom begins, we’ll kick off the conversation with our own Live Reveal.

After our show is over, gamescom begins! The halls will become packed with hardcore gamers in search of new adventures. Notable Guardians from around the world will emerge from those crowds to visit us on our streaming set. There, they’ll experience Destiny: Rise of Iron for themselves and tell you all about it in their own words on their preferred platforms.
Here’s the full schedule. Follow your favorites or discover new voices from the community. 

Tune in join the chat! We can’t wait to see what this collection of leaders from the community has to say. We might even join them for some of the action.
Stay tuned to our channels all week to follow the conversation.
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