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Community Focus - Infered5

It’s not unusual to find art, videos, cosplay and other player created content motivated by the Destiny universe. Some players go above and beyond to show their love for Destiny. The ever watchful eye of the community focus now sets its gaze on a player who has decided to recreate the Destiny universe in Minecraft, block by block.

Are you ready for your Community Focus? Good, tell everyone what you’re working on.

Infered: Over the last year or so, I've been recreating Destiny inside of Minecraft. It wasn't just "I'm gonna recreate an entire video game inside another video game," but a little more evolved than that. I joined a server that was only recreating the Crucible in a much simpler sense. Only the Legendary and Exotic weapons were available. You could fight and buy better weapons and play on a variety of fan-created maps. I had a great time, and wondered how it would turn out if I made Destiny's Patrol alongside the Crucible. I started on the Moon, using a popular program called Worldpainter to make a very rough layout of the moon, adding structures by hand. This took a long time, as I had to juggle High School and my weekend job along with it. Now, we have much more to offer than one small map and a few guns. We now offer over 40 faithfully recreated weapons and level scaling mobs on both the Moon and Cosmodrome. The Tower and Reef are recreated as well, filled with NPCs from the game such as Eris Morn, Master Rahool, and the Vanguard leaders for each class. When you join, you get to choose your class with in-game commands. Subclasses aren't implemented yet, but someday in the future they may be. Hunters get Flux Grenades, Warlocks get a Scatter Grenade, and Titans get their hands on a Pulse Grenade. 

When you first join, the player is prompted to apply a custom resource pack. Accepting the pack will override the textures on some of the Minecraft in game assets, the most noticeable being the changed textures of the held items to Destiny guns. The first weapon you get is the Khvostov 7G-02, the iconic starting weapon of Destiny. When you choose your class, a Ghost, Melee attack, and respectable grenade is given to the player. The First armor set is a customized and dyed leather armor set. Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans will equip Tracker 1.0, Vector Oath and Scoutmail, respectively. You will not be required to go through a handful of story missions to unlock each Patrol area, instead players can hop right in and go straight to the Cosmodrome, Moon, Tower, or Reef.

That sounds like quite a project. Where can readers go to check out your creation?

Infered: I have the server set up on PlanetMinecraft, a website devoted to sharing Minecraft creations, servers, texture packs and many other things related to Minecraft. The server IP address is also visible here. The server is also posted on Reddit at /r/destinythegame. I made a small site on Enjin so Guardians can use dedicated forums and help improve it.

I’ve built some stuff in Minecraft. It’s fun, but time consuming. What motivated you to take on such a large scale endeavor?

Infered: It started out as a hobby, something to do when I'm not playing Destiny or browsing Internet memes. I had a bit of experience playing on servers and a tiny bit running one. I guess I wanted more experience running a server from a code and plugin level, rather than being a chat mod or strictly an in-game admin. I've seen a few Destiny related Minecraft videos on YouTube, like RoosterTeeth's Let's Play of a Crota's End recreation, or a few Xbox One/PS4 Tower recreation maps. I guess I wanted to expand on that, fill the obvious hole that lies between Destiny and Minecraft with my own creations. I'm not doing this all by myself, not in the slightest. I can't thank my admins and builders enough for their patience and help in creating this. 

There’s no way you could do all of this by yourself? Who are some of the talented volunteers assisting you?

Infered: I have three admins, names omitted for privacy, and a few builders who helped out as well. For simplicity's sake, we'll call the admins Red, Orange, and Green. Red was the first one to make TheCrucibleMC, but strictly PvP and no mobs or aliens to fight. He made the very first skeleton of the server you see today, and coded most of the Exotic and Legendary weapons. Orange started the Cosmodrome map, starting at The Devils' Lair and moving toward the Refinery. Green started the Cosmodrome from the Breach and into the Divide. Funny bit was, they didn't know each other at the time and it was pure luck that I stumbled upon both of them and merged the maps together. Once they were merged, we all helped build Dock 13, The Steppes, and into the Mothyards. Right now anything beyond the Mothyards isn't completed, but it's a truly enormous map that is taking a long time to make. Green and I did about equal work on the Reef, which is build to a 1:1 scale with the base game. The Tower is actually scaled up a small bit since I made it from mostly memory, but the landmark areas are still distinctly recognizable. The Moon map was made in a program and is very bland, mostly a proof of concept map while we rolled out the Cosmodrome. 

When you’re spending time in our version of Destiny, what is your favorite subclass and weapons?

Infered: I personally use a Hunter with the Gunslinger subclass. I main the MIDA Multi-Tool and Graviton Forfeit as my Exotic gear. 

You have built the Tower, parts of the Cosmodrome, and some of the Moon in Minecraft. What’s next? How far are you planning to go? Mars, Raids, Crucible Maps, etc?

Infered: We are working on the Crucible as this article is published, with a Pantheon map nearly ready to roll out. We're hoping to get a few more iconic maps built and usable in the future. We definitely plan on adding Strikes and Raids in the future, and have small portions of Mars made. We're not sure if we'll ever be able to fully complete Destiny, but we'll definitely give it a big shot. The first strike will my personal favorite, Sepiks Prime.

You’ve obviously spent a lot of time scrutinizing every last detail of the game. Is there anything you would like to see changed or added to Destiny in the future?

Infered: Honestly, I would love to be able to Patrol on Phobos and Europa. The Phobos mission was great and if they expanded the small moon or included the rumored Europa map I would be ecstatic. Destiny is a great game that looks absolutely beautiful, even on last generation consoles. I would love for it to keep on being wonderful. If they added it to PC, that would also be one of the best things, but if Destiny is on PC, then who would play on my server?

If you’re interested in experiencing the world of Destiny in a Minecraft environment – give Infered’s server a visit. 

We're not done, we're never done. There are tons of interesting members of our community out there doing amazing things. We will continue to seek them out to share with you. If you have any suggestions go make a post in #Community with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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