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This Week at Bungie – 05/26/2016

This week at Bungie we synchronized our watches.

Yesterday morning saw a flurry of activity. Downstairs, we scurried around our Twitch set to prepare for a livestream. Upstairs, a different countdown marked the time remaining until the deployment of a much-anticipated Hot Fix. While cameras were focused and lights were adjusted, the Live Team worked to achieve their own state of final readiness. After days of testing a new and improved build of Destiny, one with far less rockets, confidence was high.

Almost simultaneously, the broadcast and the Hot Fix went live! Sometimes, everything you want to happen will happen all at once. Good thing Cozmo and I can divide and conquer. It’s not every day you can let people know that their game has been updated in front of a live audience.

If you missed any of these moments, we have what you need to get caught up on current events!

Crucible Map Quest

Creating a space where you can battle other Guardians for honor and sweet, sweet loot is a team effort. That development process requires close collaboration between artists, designers, testers, and anyone else at Bungie who can bring some serious skill into our playtest labs. That’s what World Artists Mick Buckmiller, Coolie Calihan, and Adam Williams told us.

You haven’t fought and died and respawned on their last map. Not yet. Stick around. They’re hard at work on your next arena.

Meanwhile in the Live Crucible

Lord Saladin wasn’t having any of this business with unlimited rockets. Not in his Iron Banner! To honor his special event, we prepared a Hot Fix to restore order to the combat sandbox. We call it, but you can call it live. As always, there were notes…

We even fixed a Super exploit before it could become common knowledge. Which subclass missed a chance to enjoy a reign of terror? The world may never know. The Guardians who tipped us off privately about this one are the real MVPs.

Now that we have a level playing field again, we have endgame loot to fight over.

Iron Banner is live! The contest was one day late, but it arrived just as heated. Equip your Shaders and Emblems. Join the fight.

Your Finest Allies

Destiny Player Support is like that teammate in the Crucible who never quits. This is their bulletin for the week.

DPS: We’ve been investigating reports of an issue where the in-game Roster Tab does not populate when attempting to view players in the “Friends” or “Game” columns. Our initial investigation has shown that players who have set their console account privacy settings to appear offline are witnessing these issues more often. If you find your account in this state, please do the following:
    • Ensure your console account privacy settings are set to “Appear Online”
    • Clear your console’s cache
    • Fully close and re-open the Destiny application

Please Note: This issue may appear when PlayStation Network or Xbox Live services are undergoing maintenance. While these troubleshooting steps sometimes resolve the issue when caused by privacy settings, we are actively investigating with console manufacturers. Make sure to follow @BungieHelp for future updates concerning our investigations.

Point Production

Your other Community Manager will now dabble in Math. Stand back.

Cozmo: High scores continue to roll in. You have answered the challenge and are posting impressive scores each week. Last week was all about landing those precision shots. Let’s see who came out on top.

High Score – 204,140
Shadow xMORSE
Roy4l 4lph4
Second Place – 202,040
Third Place – 102,910

If you would like to see your name at the top of the list, you have another chance this week. Pull the pins, and let your grenades fly. Bonus points will be given for grenade kills, so place them strategically. 

Movie Buffs

When he’s not publishing Patch Notes to the blog, this guy is the apex predator of the cinema. 

Cozmo: The Creations page is alive with new movies, flowing in every week. Some have singing, some have dancing, and others show off carnage from the Crucible. We pick our favorites and share them here with you right here. The winners will be sent this infamous Emblem, to forever brag about their accomplishment. Could you be next?

Movie of the Week: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

Honorable Mention: Get motivated.

Honorable Mention: Our Destiny.

Your weekend is filled with many choices that will lead you into battle against your fellow Guardians.

Tomorrow is Friday. You know what that means. Trials of Osiris always begins on Friday, unless rocket storms are the in forecast. This weekend, we’re looking at clear skies. If you make it to the Lighthouse, you’ll get plenty of sun.

Thanks for patience. Now get out there and beat each other up.

DeeJ, out.
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