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Community Focus – Kob One

If you have visited the Creations page, you’re familiar with the wealth of community-created artwork on display. We love scrolling through all of the Destiny inspired images and videos, and we admire the time and effort put into each one. Ok, maybe there are a few that didn’t have as much time put in, but we still love them.

Today, our focus is on an artist who has shared several of his pieces on the Creations page. He stopped by to share a little more about himself and his art with you. 

Welcome to your Community Focus, tell us a bit about yourself and your specialty within the Destiny Community. 
KO: Hello! My name is Kelly Baber and I am an artist of many mediums. I'm a multimedia designer by day, and freelance illustrator by night. I go by the moniker “Kob One” for my art, which goes back to my days of painting graffiti murals.  I also produce music under the name Scorpioflo. I have been a Destiny player since the beta, with around 1,500 total hours logged to date. No game has ever captivated me to the degree that Destiny has. I even have a Suros Regime tattooed on my forearm, wrist to elbow. I have a 320 Titan and my other two alts are #forever319. 

My specialty in the Destiny community is that I absolutely love to illustrate the vast world of Destiny. All of the different characters, weapons, gear and beautiful landscapes keep me coming back for more. I will even combine multiple exotics on one particular character in a drawing, just to see what the combination would look like if it were allowed in the Destiny universe. That's the beauty of art though, you can create anything you want! I've also designed some exotic weapon concepts as well.
Oh, you’re an artist? Where can we find your work online?

KO: Indeed. My work can be seen online at:

As an artist you could choose anything to illustrate - what drew you into Destiny?

KO: Haha, I see what you did there! I've always been fascinated with the gorgeous world of Destiny and everything within it, therefore I have a great passion to draw its content. For myself, anything I'm passionate about, I want to draw. I drew a few Destiny related pieces, and a friend suggested I post them on the Destiny subreddit, /r/DestinyTheGame. The drawings were received extremely well with encouragement for me to post more, which only fueled me to conceive more creations. I would say Destiny makes up about 80% of my art subject matter these days. There are so many Guardian weapon and gear combinations out there that the subject matter feels almost infinite. Since Crimson Doubles' release, I've had a lot of requests for Guardian couples.
Playing with that special someone makes for a memorable experience. What’s your favorite memory of playing Destiny?
KO: One of my favorite memories while playing Destiny would have to be in the Vault of Glass, when I defeated Atheon and got the Vex Mythoclast AND Gjallarhorn to drop simultaneously! It was thrilling to say the least. I'm sure the sodium was strong in my Fireteam that night. I still have the screenshot for the naysayers too! RNG has always favored me for some odd reason. The VoG raid in general is still one of my favorite activities in Destiny. King's Fall is a very close second.
Agreed, I go back and forth on if VOG or KF is my favorite. You have conceived some amazing Destiny creations, do you have a favorite?

KO: Hey thanks! Hmm... that's a difficult one, but I would have to say my sword concept designs for Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris, since they were received extremely well by the Destiny subreddit and social media. I tried to bring them to life by adding similar aesthetics from each event to tie in each directly to the corresponding event. Another redditor even volunteered to 3D model them, and they looked phenomenal! Now, if we could only somehow bring them into fruition in-game, I could die a happy man! 
The best way to see your concepts in Destiny is to visit our Careers page. Which artists have inspired you?
KO: Inspiring artists for me would have to be Joe Madureira and Elliot Fernandez. Every time I see their art it makes me want to grab a pencil and paper and get to drawing! They are both in the comic book industry as well as conceiving video game concept art. I too would possibly like to get into conceptual art design for video games at some point in my career.
Is there anything you would like to add or change about Destiny?

KO: As the leader of the [LOD] LEGION of DOOM Clan, I would absolutely love to have some kind of Clan management interface in-game for sending Clan invites, etc. It can get a little aggravating explaining to new members how to join the group first on the website, and then joining the actual Clan. So being able to invite them in the game would be a phenomenal addition.

There are also lots of little things I would change about Destiny too, such as making old content relevant again or bringing back older strikes and gear. Some of the coolest and sexiest armor to me was the Vault of Glass gear. It would be cool to be able to infuse the Light on that stuff and others to become relevant again.

Oh, and a Dinklebot tribute statue in the middle of the tower. Just sayin'.

If you would like see more of Kob One’s creations stop by his site. He has some cool stuff on display. 

If you have a player or group that you would enjoy seeing featured as a Community Focus, please post a suggestion on our Community forum with the tag #CommunityFocus.

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