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Destiny Content Vault: Year 7

Destiny Content Vault
Campaigns and Seasonal Narratives
Exotic Quests

Destiny Content Vault

With the launch of Year 7 in Destiny 2 on June 4, 2024, certain destinations, activities, and quests will be moved into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). Players will have until this date to experience all listed content before it becomes unavailable to access in-game.

For a list of all inventory items and quests being deprecated at the start of Year 7, please click here. For information about Year 6 DCV items, view our DCV article.

What is the DCV?

Each year, older destination and activity content will be cycled out of the game and into the DCV to make room for new experiences for players. The DCV will contain all destinations and activities from both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, with the potential for vaulted content to return to the game in the future.

For more information on specific content moving to the Destiny Content Vault during Year 7, please select a category. 


The Farm

H.E.L.M. Wings

The Plunge

Dive Tank


Spirit's Anchor

Hall of Champions

Campaigns and Seasonal Narratives

Seasonal Narratives

Season of Defiance

Season of the Deep

Season of the Witch

Season of the Wish

Into the Light


Defiant Battlegrounds


Deep Dives

The Imbaru Engine

Savathûn's Spire

Altars of Summoning

Riven's Lair

The Coil


  • • The Descent
  • • Operation Thunderbolt (Twilight)
  • • Mayday, Mayday (Midnight)
  • • Operation Fulgurite (Abyss)
  • • Barotrauma
  • • Way of the Witch
  • Final Wish
  • • Polysemy
  • • Tautology
  • • The Oracle Engine
  • • Enthymeme
  • • Apophasis
  • • Synchysis
  • • Chiasmus
  • • Closer to the Heart

Quest Missions

  • • Mission: Retribution
  • Mission: Invoke
  • Mission: Conjure
  • Mission: Sunder

Exotic Quests

The following exotic quests will no longer be available to complete, and all quests still in progress will be removed from player inventories. Weapons earned from these quests may continue to be earnable in-game by different means:

Quest Reward

Quest Name
Exotic Reward
The Variable
Vexcalibur Glaive
We Stand Unbroken
Brazen Spark Ship
The Bladed Path
Laminos Sparrow
Wishing All the Best
Wish-Keeper Bow

Activity Reward

Activity Name Exotic Reward
Deep Dive: The Whetstone Encounter
Wicked Implement Scout Rifle

Completion Drop

Exotic Reward
Sonar Station Rank 16 Reward
Akashic Revelation Ship
Spirit of Riven Rank 16 Reward
Gloaming Journeyer Sparrow

Triumph Reward

Triumph Exotic Reward
Legendary Trifecta
Common Nobility Sparrow
Firmware Update
Scribetrace Shell
Aquarium Vivarium
Síocháin's Scuba Shell
Weekly Wetwork
To Be Remembered Sparrow
Spire of Legends
Pharmakos Shell
Resplendent Ritual
Sparagmos Ship
Familiar Felines
Wyrmguard Shell
Reward: Ghost Shell
Laurel Shell
Reward: Sparrow
Fire-Gilt Quadriga Sparrow


Vendor Location
War Table H.E.L.M.
Sonar Station H.E.L.M.
Ritual Table Athenaeum
Lectern of Divination Athenaeum
Mara Sov H.E.L.M.
Spirit of RivenSpirit's Anchor
Lord ShaxxHall of Champions
Arcite 99-40Hall of Champions
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