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[TG] Introduction, Directory & FAQs - (ALL MEMBERS READ)

[u][b]Introduction[/b][/u] [spoiler] Thorny Guardians was founded on October 13th 2014. It began as an idea that was tossed around by Lonewolf1723 (current Xbox One Admin), Smoking kilis (Ex- Xbox 360 Admin) and myself in [url=]this thread[/url]. We wanted to form a clan where people can get help with the Thorn Bounty. For this reason, Thorny Guardians is open to anybody who loves the Thorn. You don't need to have it to join. You just need to appreciate the weapon. We at Thorny Guardians also love members who participate and socialise. We encourage you all to use the Group Wall, use the Group forum, read the announcements and post your [url=]xbox gamertags[/url] and [url=]PSN[/url] tags along with which console you are on. We expect you to add the members already on these lists and add your [url=]Admins and Officers[/url]. Invite people to your game sessions from your Destiny Roster and join other people's sessions. Do the same with party chats. Ask to be invited to a Chatroom if you are on PS4. This is a major means of communication for the PS4 members. Its really for your own benefit and for better enjoyment of Destiny. When you need people for Nightfalls and raids, you'll be glad that you are a member of a chatroom with upto 99 people in there who are also in this clan. Thorny Guardians values those who help others. If you help someone to defeat Xyor who is in the clan, let us know about it in the [url=]Hall of Fame[/url]. Every month the member who has helped the most will be named Member of The Month. We are a diverse and tolerant group. We have members from all around the world. USA, Britain, Germany, Finland, Holland, UAE, Australia, Saudi Arabia to name a few. For many, English is not their first language. We all have funny accents and dialects. We should appreciate these differences and let them enhance our Destiny experience! We have members who are of different skill levels. Be patient with members who are not great at whatever you are trying to achieve. Build each other up don't tear each other down. We have members of different ages. We have some squeakers. If they drive you up the wall then perhaps you should join a clan for over 21s only. We have members who are of different genders, religions, race, sexuality etc. Its fine to have a discussion about something but don't try to upset or troll people. Watch your words. I myself am a black male, many of you won't realise that because of my British Accent but I am. I love diversity and I feel that everyone has something great to contribute to Thorny Guardians. The main forums #Destiny can be toxic. Thorny Guardians is a place where we work together and help each other. We want to win and now and then we will win, but helping each other is the true reward. There are times when you'll need to team up with the best players in the clan. e.g. going for Flawless Raider or playing Hard Mode VoG. You'll want experienced people who know what they are doing. But if its not that serious then have a laugh with your fellow thornies! I'd rather have the kid who keeps dying but makes me laugh or think than the hard core member who insists that the current team will never have a chance at completing the raid. Keep the morale up high. If you feel its not going to work then suggest how to make it better. Positive criticism is the best criticism. [/spoiler] [u][b]Directory[/b][/u] [i]A collection of the most useful or helpful theads in TG.[/i] [spoiler] [url=]Looking for a game? Need help with Xyor? Look Here - LFG Super Thread [/url] - Use this for help with Xyor, Raid requests etc. [u][b]DO NOT MAKE A NEW THREAD![/b][/u] [url=]All Members Can Get The Clan Tag! - Explained Inside[/url] [url=]TG Admins & Officers [Now Recruiting Officers!] [/url] - Know them. Add them. [url=][OFFICAL] Thorny Guardians - PSN Member List & Chatrooms[/url] - Post your ID and console here to be added to the list. Specify if you want to be added to the chatroom. [url=][OFFICIAL] Thorny Guardians - Xbox Gamertags [/url] - Post your gamertag here to be added on the list. Add others. Don't be lazy. [url=]PSN Group Chatroom - Post here to be invited [/url] [url=]If you have nobody to play with... [Thorny Guardians][/url] - Why you have no excuse to be playing solo. [url=]Time zone differences![/url] - A world clock showing all timezones. [url=]The Hall Of Fame [Thorny Guardians] [/url] - Help each other with the bounty! [url=]Thorny Guardians Q&A[/url] - Ask the Admins. [url=]Post Here For Help With Exotic Bounties[/url] - Help for Non-Thorn bounties. [url=]Anybody want to go ghost hunting? [/url] - Guides for finding dead ghosts. [url=]Know Your Thorny! [Official Introduction Thread][/url] - Tell us about you, if you want. [url=]schedule raids!!! [/url] - Weekly Raiding Schedule. [url=]TG Photo Album[/url] - Share your Destiny screenshots here. [url=]Thorny Braggers![/url] - Share your accomplishments. [url=]Taking The Crucible By... 'Thorn'! [/url] - Post here to plan an all Thorn session. [url=]A Dummy's guide to: The Thorn[/url] - Strategies to complete the Thorn bounty. [url=]Here's To My Fellow Thorn Owners! [Now with Thorn Exotic Bounty tips!][/url] - My tips on the Thorn bounty. [url=]A Bad Crucible Players guide to the Thorn PVP void bounty[/url] - Ungrateful Dead's tips on the Thorny bounty. [url=]Demigod's Gun Guide [/url] - A guide on the weapon classes. [url=]Demigod's Faction/Vendors Guide[/url] - A guide on which armour stats each vendor offers. [url=]Demigod's Warlock Subclass Guides[/url] [url=]Demigod's Hunter Subclass Guides[/url] [url=]Dear Guardian, This Is Why You SHOULD NOT be Raiding. [/url] - Raid etiquette, if you are new to raiding. [url=]Thorny Raiders! [/url] - Share raid stories and swap raiding tips here. [url=]TG Weekly Schedule [/url] - A rough guide on activities to focus on during the week as a clan. [url=]Destiny Lore - The Grimoire on Video[/url] - For those who like theories, philosophy, science and lore. [url=]Funny 'Destiny' Related Media[/url] - Share and enjoy funny Destiny stuff. [url=]Public Events Schedule[/url] [url=]Flawless Raider Trophy PS4 Chatroom[/url] - For PS4 players who want to go for the Flawless Raider Trophy [/spoiler] If you know of a useful thread to be added to the directory, post a link below. [u][b]FAQs[/b][/u] I hope this helps everyone in TG in some way. Lets keep this thread, and the ones linked to it updated.

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