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Vault of Glass - REWARDS LEAKED!!

[u][b]Vault of Glass - REWARDS LEAKED!![/b][/u] Reddit user cgmcnama has compiled a master list of all the Vault of Glass rewards along with links to view each piece of gear. Definitely worth checking out. - [url][/url] TLDR - There are 3 main raid sets of armor for the 3 classes called "Hard Sets" - There are legendary and exotic weapons with bonus damage to enemies in the Vault, such as Vex Oracles - There is the Mantic set for Hunters, the Kabr set for Titans, and the Hezen set for Warlocks - granting amazing bonuses against Vex - There are the regular sets unlocked on Normal, and the rare sets unlocked on Hard - The gear includes lore which peers into the Vex's backstory - There are also other rewards which Bungie hinted but the database seems incomplete - [url=]Example Here[/url] [quote]"Kabr fought the Vex alone. But somehow they didn't kill him. In the aftermath, he became obsessed with the machines. He consumed their technology like fire. Fashioning armor from their remnants. He was claimed by the Vault. His armor and myth are all that remain."[/quote] - This shows how a Guardian went mad consuming the Vex, and in the end, their technology consumed him. [quote]"The helm's nerve interface incorporates Vex cells. They're dead, of course. But not too dead to dream. "Slept in the armor last night. Woke to feel my heart stuttering to the pattern of an unknown signal." "Capable gauntlets. Extremely effective. I have only one piece of advice: never touch a living Vex." Rumor has it that the exile Osiris came too close to understanding the Vex."[/quote] - This lore details that the Vex are still capable of thoughts and dreams as their cells are still very much alive, and how the Guardian Osiris almost made a breakthrough in understanding (and perhaps becoming allies) with the Vex, and in turn was hunted by his fellow Guardians. [quote]Forged from the cores of Hezen Vex. If you feel a sense of revelation, remove immediately and inject antientheogens. Forged from the ruin of Hezen Vex armor. The sensory interface feels more natural than bare skin. Forged from the remnants of broken Vex. Some of the component matter is older than the solar system. Skinned in the membranes of the Hezen Vex. There is very little risk they will become permanently attached to your body.[/quote] - This illustrates how effective Vex technology is at synergysing and evolving bio-organic creatures, as well as proving that the Vex are older than our own solar system, perhaps one of the Traveler's earliest victims-now-turned-aggressors. [b]- [i]True Reclaimer [PS4 True_Reclaimer][/i][/b] [url=]ReClaim Clan[/url] [quote]Rise. Raid. ReClaim. [/quote]

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