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The DRAGON's Fire! I'm back, bitches!

Welcome to The DRAGON's Fire, your place for fine dining and breathing. We have anything you might want, and are always looking for people wanting work. Sit, stay, have a bite to eat. We have only one rule. NO DESTICLES. Our menu is constantly being worked on, like right now. PM me or WORKSHOP for suggestions. Now, with all that done, please. Take a seat and enjoy yourselves. [u]Menu:[/u] Desticle grilled chopped and with a side of mashed potatoes. Poptarts and cream cheesecake Space Waffles with any syrup Deluxe Pizza Exquisite Desticle soup, served in the skull of a Desticle Wildberry Popizza Deluxe Floodsticks Envelope Toast Questionable Cheerios Full English Breakfast Warm Apple pie Flood Turkey A Food, in assorted flavours. Macaulay McCulcin in a McRib An obscure reference to a discontinued TV show A tummy rub and a scratch behind the ear [b][u]Beverages:[/u][/b] All alcohol Tea Space Coffee Nuka-cola Skooma Diet Water Jobs: (we ARE NOT taking on anymore people. If we fire a few people, then maybe. But we ain't firing no one anytime soon.) [spoiler][u][b]managers:[/b][/u] DRAGON SNIPER and WORKSHOPWIZARD [u][b]Kitchen:[/b][/u] Rain (Head chef) Vien (chef) Space Fox (In between chef and Head Chef) BioSmiley (Dessert Chef (Especially Poptarts)) Shipmaster (General assistant) Agent Space Wolf (head shushkabobber) INovaStormzI (cook) InstaCode [u][b]Bouncers:[/b][/u] [b][Position: CLOSED][/b] DRAGON SNIPER 9 (Chief Bouncer) Demonic Sniper GingerSnap Grisha The Elite Psychomech gryocarbine FletchTheSniper [u][b]Barmaids/Barmen:[/b][/u] Ariadne (Chief Barmaid) Rocketman (Chief Barman) Eli (Vice-Chief Barman) JKmarine64 (barman) EnderWolf (barman) awesomeman303 (waiter) Prothek (waiter) [u][b]Front Desk:[/b][/u] Shadlezz Serperior (Hat/Coat taker) [u][b]Health Inspector:[/b][/u] TheRedBaron [u][b]DJ:[/b][/u] XtremeWolf179 Vakarian [u][b]Definitely The Krypteia:[/b][/u] Dyr Dragon [u][b]Entertainment:[/b][/u] Agent Space Wolf (Head Laser Shark Wrangler) [u][b]"That Guy":[/b][/u] DovahQahnaarin [b][u]Animal Sacrificer:[/u][/b] Treebeard [u][b]Supplier:[/b][/u] Tamefrog7 [b][u]Cyborg bodyguard:[/u][/b] SuperSold1er117 [b][u]SAS:[/u][/b] DRAGON SNIPER 4 (Commander) COME AT ME BRUH (69th in command) [b][u]Virologist/Epidemiologist:[/u][/b] wolfBTM [b][u]Desticle slaughterer in the back of the kitchen:[/u][/b] Geo [b][u]Official Psychopathic Murderer:[/u][/b] Jocus [b][u]Night Watchman:[/u][/b] Ite [b][u]Desticle Eater:[/u][/b] Alduin [b][u]GOD OF ALL MONSTERS!:[/u][/b] Jzilla [b][u]Desticle seek and destroy unit (DSDU):[/u][/b] Mucca (commander) CurlrdDesert29 (captain and weapons manager) [b][u]QUiCkSc0Perz:[/u][/b] greenjava823 [b][u]Jedi:[/u][/b] xJediRevanx [b][u]Warlock:[/u][/b] TheCookieNarwhal [u][b]Elf that looks like Mr Tingle:[/b][/u] kratoself [b][u]Fancy Hillbilly:[/u][/b] Fancy Hillbilly[/spoiler] Note: Bouncers shoot desticles on sight. Simple. THREAD GAME! Who can guess the obscure reference in the OP?

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