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Titan defender overlooked**update**

I never see anything about Titans on these forums. Sunsinger this and bladedancer that. Just wait til you face a Titan defender in pvp or you need one in pve. This class is going to be badass in both. [b]Titan defender:[/b] Grenades: -Magnetic (attaches to enemies and explodes twice) -Spike (attaches to any surface and emits a torrent of void light)[b]sounds like the warlocks grenade[/b] - Suppressor (explosive grenade that prevents enemies from using abilities for a short time)[b]pvp all day[/b] Vertical movement: Lift (same as Striker subclass) -increased height -increased control -catapult (increased initial burst) Super: Ward of Dawn “Shape void-light into an indestructible shield to protect you and your allies from harm.” -Armor of light (significant damage reduction, for you and allies, while inside Ward of Dawn)[b]good luck taking me out on a flag in pvp with nova bomb[/b] -Blessing of light (passing through Ward of Dawn gives you and allies extra shields) -Weapons of light (passing through Ward of Dawn gives you and allies damage boost)[b]amazing buff for pve[/b] Melee: Disintegrate “Killing an enemy with this powerful melee attack creates a force barrier around you which absorbs incoming damage.” -War Machine (weapons ready and reload blindingly fast with force barrier) -Gift of Light (all kills have a chance to create blue orbs with force barrier) -Unbreakable (force barrier continually recharges) Titan Codex I-III grants bonuses to Armor, Recovery, Agility (same as striker) -I) Armor and Recovery -II) Armor and Agility -III) Recovery and Agility Upgrades: -Bastion (increase duration of Super) -Relentless (boost duration and strength of force barrier from Disintegrate) -Gift of the Void (ward of Dawn creates additional orbs of light from enemy fire) Titan Codex IV-VI (same as striker) -IV) Small bonus to all three (Armor, Recovery, Agility) -V) Large Recovery boost -VI) Large Speed boost Upgrades 2: -Untouchable (reduce super cooldown) -Iron Harvest (heavy weapon kills can create orbs of light)[b]should be interesting when combined with gift of void. orbs will be created like crazy, allowing teammates to get supers [/b] -Illuminated (Boost benefits from Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light) patch update: ward of dawn grants you full health upon activation. golden gun for hunter was nerfed to under penetrate damage on ward of dawn. can't wait til level 15! I personally cannot wait until 9/9. titans FTW edit: just want to thank all of y'all for the support here. I honestly wasn't expecting this good of a response, nor was I expecting a positive one either. #titanup #titansunite
#Destiny #Titan

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